Lady Gaga to Play APT Macau?

by , Aug 11, 2009 | 9:08 am

Lady Gaga has a new tattoo. WTF — no spade, heart, club, or diamond?

Not exactly … but like Michael Phelps, she did get a special invite — as the pop singer will be playing a show at the Galaxy StarWorld Casino at the same time. Personally, I’m gettin’ a little tired of being bluffed by muffins, but that’s neither here nor there when you’ve got a chance to make a cameo appearance in Johnny Chan’s forthcoming Chinese-language “Poker King” movie, right?

From EarthTimes:

Dear Lady Gaga,

“I wanna hold them like they do in texas please, fold’em let em hit me raise it baby stay with me.” We certainly hope so and cannot believe the coincidence that you are playing live in Macau on Saturday 15th August while the Asian Poker Tour Macau Festival is in full swing at the Galaxy Starworld.

Your ‘Fame Ball’ Tour has been a huge hit and we are sure the plaudits in Macau will be the same as in Osaka, Tokyo, Seoul and Manila but imagine the reaction if you showed your poker face at the Asian Poker Tour Macau Festival! Not only will the venue be full of the world’s best poker players, the tournament is also the backdrop to the first ever Chinese language poker movie ‘Poker King,’ which people would go ‘gaga’ for if you took on a cameo role. Forget the wigs, keep the bleached blonde hair and think about the exposure to a huge audience!

You are well known for your dazzling array of outfits and admired for your mix of music and independent attitude. You have gone acoustic and proved you have real talent but the bottom line is nobody has actually seen your poker face! We see you with cards and the glamour in the ‘Poker Face’ video but in fairness we don’t know if you can hold’em.

We undoubtedly are trying to spread the word about poker in Asia, and, despite what some poker purists might argue, you have brought the great game to the attention to millions of new people through your worldwide best selling hit. You have a new tattoo that is the big news at the moment but we finally see your poker face… now that is different, that is serious news! ‘Poker Face’ is not about poker and you cannot play cards? Don’t worry, we have got plenty of people that could teach you!

You are in Macau while the premier poker event in the region is on! The festival runs from the 12th – 23rd with the Main Event getting underway on the 20th. We have a special Celebrity event featuring Hong Kong and Chinese language stars on Tuesday the 18th which you would be more than welcome to attend. We have also openly invited Michael Phelps to come along and are waiting to hear back but in fairness you are in the same city while the event is on so come on, all expenses are on us, just dance!

Congratulations on your nine MTV Video Award nominations but do us and the world a favour, come and see us in Macau and show us your poker face! We would be honored.

Best wishes,

The Asian Poker Tour

The Asian Poker Tour Macau Festival will run from August 12-23, 2009 at the Galaxy StarWorld Hotel and Casino in Macau. The Main Event in 2008 was won by 20-year-old US hotshot Yevgeniy Timoshenko, who scooped US$500,000 after emerging triumphant from the star-studded field that featured players from over 40 countries. The Asian Poker Tour Macau hosts over 20 events with 15 official side events – the first four taking place between the 12th – 16th August featuring guaranteed prize pools. Day 1A of the Main Event kicks off on the 20th August. Full details can be found at

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