A Bird’s Eye View

by , Nov 7, 2009 | 3:57 pm

The Penn & Teller theater is a big room with seating for hundreds of friends, family and media folk. Some of us are down on the floor close to the action while others, like me, are relegated to the sky box where we can look down on the action from high above.

While we can’t see the cards, we do have some large monitors and hand-by-hand commentary to help us keep up with the action. It’s pretty cool, actually.

A view of the final table from high in the sky.

A Closer Look at the Action

2 Comments to “A Bird’s Eye View”

  1. DanM

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  2. Brian G.

    Shame Begleiter didn’t get fucked like Schaffel just did. I hate that prick Begleiter.