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Jon Katkin is a freelance writer currently based in Las Vegas who hopes to someday be known professionally as just "Katkin". In addition to keeping Pokeratizens in check, he blogs about his personal life of low-stakes center-Strip grinder at Chaos Theory.

Posts by Katkin:

  • Crossing the Line

    12 Jun 2011

    Jon Katkin OP-ED Spend enough time around the professional poker circuit and you’ll quickly realize that it’s a very small and incestuous group. Players and media members spend hours, days and sometimes weeks together in casinos and card rooms around the world and, as expected, the close quarters inevitably lead to friendships (and, sometimes, more) […]

  • Off to a Slow Start

    05 Jun 2011

    Jon Katkin OP-ED Glitz. Glamor. Excitement. So far, the 2011 WSOP has had none of these things, and honestly, I’m finding the whole thing kind of sad. It’s not the World Series of Poker we all know and love… it’s more like the World Series of Meh. The thing is that after spending a number […]

  • Collateral Damages

    18 Apr 2011
  • OP-ED: ZyngaPoker Pro or Con

    Assessing the impact of a Facebook game’s arrival in Las Vegas

    27 Mar 2011

    Jon Katkin The Poker Economy A lot of things have changed in the poker world since the Zynga PokerCon ended here in Las Vegas last Saturday. Partnerships have been approved (Caesars/888), announced (PokerStars/Wynn) and speculated upon (Full Tilt/Station Casinos). Legislation surrounding the legalization of online poker has been introduced and debated in various jurisdictions around […]

  • Too Many Tourneys

    PCA, Aussie Millions, LAPC … all before February; where do we go from here?

    24 Jan 2011

    Jon Katkin OP-ED We’re a month into 2011 and already, the poker season has revved itself into high gear. Since January 1, we’ve seen major multi-tournament events in the Bahamas, Melbourne, and now LA. If that’s not enough poker for you, then head to Vegas where you can play in a couple of smaller, but […]

  • Where’d They All Come From?

    Online sites, satellites don’t explain bigger numbers in 2010

    24 Aug 2010

    Jon Katkin The Poker Economy OP-ED For 99.99987 percent of the players in this year’s events, the 2010 WSOP has come to a close. Some were winners and many more were losers. And, for nine lucky combatants, there’s still one more long day of poker left to play before someone claims the game’s most prestigious […]

  • Finding Value Outside the Rio

    Alt-WSOP tourneys may be better bet for low-stakes players

    30 Jun 2010

    Jon Katkin The Poker Economy OP-ED Brand names serve an important purpose in our society. For consumers, they offer a simple shorthand that let’s you know about a product’s quality – or lack thereof – while at the same time providing a quick way to flaunt your status or hipness to the unwashed masses in […]

  • Too Much of a Good Thing?

    Believe it or not, less could be more at the WSOP

    14 Jun 2010

    Jon Katkin The Poker Economy OP-ED We’re just two weeks into the 2010 WSOP and the Amazon Room is already filled with people walking around like zombies. Don’t believe me? Just take a good look at the players, the floor staff and the media the next time you head to the Rio. Everyone’s got a […]

  • Op-Ed

    If You Throw It, Will They Come?

    Big buy-in events don’t automatically bring big fields

    02 Jun 2010

    The poker economy isn’t what it used to be. Players who wouldn’t have thought twice about dropping $50K two years ago are now looking at the cost of entry the same way many of us look at $1,500, $2,500 or $5,000 events.

  • RE: What can be done about prohibited data mining?

    Full Tilt suspends Townsend

    21 Dec 2009

    It seems like Beanie from Bluff (the website, not the magazine) isn’t the only one with data mining on his mind these days. Joining Paul in expressing their dismay over this increasingly common trend are the folks over at 2+2 who are starting an online petition to try and convince sites like Stars and Tilt […]