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Jon Katkin is a freelance writer currently based in Las Vegas who hopes to someday be known professionally as just "Katkin". In addition to keeping Pokeratizens in check, he blogs about his personal life of low-stakes center-Strip grinder at Chaos Theory.

Posts by Katkin:

  • Jacob Zalewski Charity Tourney This Weekend

    Go All-in for CP

    09 Dec 2009

    The charity poker season here in Vegas is in full holiday swing. And one of the bigger tournaments (celebrity-wise) is this Saturday — the second annual All In for CP at the Hard Rock. (More info here via Facebook.) It has a $550 buy-in (with $200 rebuys through the first hour). Early RSVPs include the […]

  • How High is Too High?

    08 Dec 2009

    For the past two months, Phil Ivey, Durr, Gus Hansen, Patrik Antonius and the online phenom/enigma known as Isildur1 have been playing some of the most outrageous poker we’ve ever seen at what can only be described as nosebleed-level stakes. The question is, with millions of dollars being shifted around each session – or hand, […]

  • Poker for Kids

    11 Nov 2009

    A friend of mine who watched the WSOP final table with his 12-year-old son earlier this week sent me a note asking if I knew of any “poker little leagues” that he could enroll his son in. I don’t, but the question got me thinking. How young is too young to expose kids to the […]

  • A Fan’s View

    07 Nov 2009

    As the PokerRoad boys say, “If you can’t take the best of it, take the worst of it.” For Kevin Schaffel, that meant getting all in preflop with pocket Aces vs. Eric Buchman’s pocket Kings and losing to quads. Live poker is most certainly rigged. I was standing on the balcony as the hand played […]

  • When Worlds Collide

    07 Nov 2009

    We’ve talked a little about cheering sections at today’s final table, but we’ve saved the strangest combination of superfans for last. Sitting on stage near their main man Phil Ivey are the Humphreys, the little old couple who have rooted him on since his days as an Atlantic City phenom. Next to them are some […]

  • A Bird’s Eye View

    07 Nov 2009

    The Penn & Teller theater is a big room with seating for hundreds of friends, family and media folk. Some of us are down on the floor close to the action while others, like me, are relegated to the sky box where we can look down on the action from high above. While we can’t […]

  • Priorities

    07 Nov 2009

    While the battle for the bracelet heats up on stage, Doyle Brunson is taking care of business in the lobby of the Penn & Teller theater where he’s signing copies of his books, including his new autobiography that goes on sale soon. Who says you need to final table to make money at the WSOP?

  • Staring ‘Em Down

    07 Nov 2009

    Phil Ivey made the first all-in move of the day and the crowd went… silent. It was certainly the tensest moment so far as both Joe Cada and Jeff Shulman considered taking Ivey on and, potentially, knocking him out. In the end though, Ivey’s fold equity was enough that he took down the pot and […]

  • Faces in the Crowd

    07 Nov 2009

    Phil Ivey and Jeff Schulman may be the two biggest names at the final table, but they’re far from the only poker celebrities in attendance at the Penn & Teller theater. Some of the faces in today’s crowd include Doyle Brunson, Phil Hellmuth (who walked in with Jeff Schulman before sitting down to hawk copies […]

  • The Final What?

    07 Nov 2009

    Poker’s biggest final table is taking place just a few hundred feet away from where I’m sitting, but it’s not the only tourney at the Rio today. About 15 tables were set up outside of Buzios where local players, including Doyle Brunson and T.J. Cloutier, took part in the Rio Invitational. Earning a seat at […]