Darvin Moon’s Criminal Past

Bad checks and bad debts taint feel-good story?

by , Nov 9, 2009 | 6:00 pm

From the Twitter of Washington Post reporter blog-shadowing Darvin Moon (@jfdulac) comes a story from the Baltimore City Paper, detailing Darvin’s numerous past transgressions over the past few years. It includes him pleading guilty and receiving probation for forgery and theft, along with three counts of passing bad checks. Court records also show Moon posting bail for others on two occasions, in 2002 for a man who plead guilty to drug dealing and is serving a 10-year sentence, and once for an apparent relative on assault charges.

From the BCP’s look at his financial and legal past:

But it is Moon’s record of civil judgments against him that may come into play in the future, given the kitties he’s been winning in Vegas. Court records show liens filed against Moon for nearly $20,000 owed to City National Bank of West Virginia, a little over $1,000 owed to Miners and Merchants Bank, nearly $13,000 owed to Pasadena Receivables, and about $1,000 owned to Southern Auto Supply in Moon’s own community of Mountain Lake Park, near Oakland in Western Maryland.

His creditors, no doubt, will be much obliged to share in his recent winnings.

11 Comments to “Darvin Moon’s Criminal Past ”

  1. zachdealer

    why is his personal stuff being aired like this? Must be why he isn’t sponsered, or was that already covered with another reason?

  2. DanM

    public records, zach … standard practice in DC when a new name comes to the fore.

    to some extent, dealing with financial woes make him MORE of an all-American story!

  3. Kevin Mathers

    Last year, there was an article about Chino Rheem having a warrant in Florida within a few days after the final table was established. The surprising thing was that it came out this late (which probably was the plan all along).

    Zach, he’s repeatedly stated that he doesn’t want anyone to be his boss. The Washington Post has a blog from du Lac stating how he turned down a six-figure deal to wear their logo Saturday and Monday, because it stated that he’d wear their logo at next year’s WSOP Main Event.

  4. DanM

    ***The surprising thing was that it came out this late***

    Yeah, you’d think someone at Pokerati or 2+2 might have done their due diligence. Shame on us!

  5. zachdealer

    pay me six-figures and I’ll clean your feet and shovel shit. But wear a hat? nah

  6. Cardgrrl

    Receiving “pomotion??”

    Surely that should be “probation.”

  7. jack mccage

    There are people in congress with rape sheets longer than Moon’s..Hell Go to DC and take your chain saw..u got my vote…but buy your wife a new lawnmower Please !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. bob

    Why does the media give so much attention to poker players who have had a past run-in with the law? They did the same thing to Chino Rheem last year during the WSOP.

    It strikes me that they are trying to insinuate that all poker players are criminals…I don’t think poker players are any more apt to exhibit criminal behavior then any other group…or maybe because of the fact that poker involves “lying and deception” as a part of the game that the news media thinks that we’re more apt to be criminals.

    The reason this strikes a chord with me…is that I’ve had a run-in with the law myself. I didn’t kill anyone…didn’t steal…didn’t ultimately hurt anyone but myself…but because of it..my job prospects were damaged pretty severely over a single stupid mistake I made.

    One of the reasons why I play poker is to make money obviously. I like the fact I can do it…and there’s no job interview, or background or reference checks. The only judging that is done of me…is on my playing ability…nothing else.

    The same should be true of people with criminal records and their ability to do a job. Sure..if the person was convicted of stealing…they shouldn’t be allowed to work in a bank handling money…but come on…at least have the criminal offense be “related” to the job in question before summarily refusing to employ someone because of a mistake they made.

    Do I like playing poker? Yes I do. Do I “want” to work a regular job-job? Yes I do. (i’ve got a masters level education). But unfortunately society has put so many barriers in place to make that so difficult…that poker really is my only viable alternative at the present time.

  9. Vinny B.

    He never said he was a saint. (no pun intended). Who cares? Most of us these read the degenerate poker sites like this would put Moon’s past to shame if we ever made the final table. The crap that would come out on me would be astonishing. But, as we all know, criminal records don’t hurt you in the poker world, i.e. Matusow.

  10. richard

    his past should never come into it, but its the same old story with america, a greedy nation who always wants to poke its nose into everything.
    my little saying goes , if an american trips over an ant they’ll want to take it to court.

  11. Diamond Dave

    Forgive and forget.
    Live and let live.
    Go and sin no more.