Poker Robbery Thwarted at Texas Oldtimers Game

Senior players chase down, catch young assailants

by , Nov 30, 2009 | 7:35 am

Details still coming it … but so far it sounds like the feel-good poker robbery of the year:

Last night two masked, pistol-wielding youngins reportedly ganked about $7,000 from a NL Hold’em game of mostly retired old-school Texas rounders (ages 50something to 80something) on the rural outskirts of Dallas.

But sprinting across a rain-soaked pasture to a presumed getaway vehicle, the wannabe bandits apparently spooked some horses … one thing led to another … and with sirens in the background getting louder, two players chasing after them had their own guns pointed at the armed robbers as they lay in a field. According to a source on the scene, the de-facto table sheriffs disarmed their assailants in a hailstorm of expletives, pulled off their masks, and grabbed back the moneybag while waiting for police. (Half the cash was missing, and what was still there was soaking wet.)

Seagoville PD arrived soon after and arrested the two “very young” white males the players had captured.

After talking to police, players returned to the tables and action resumed.

More TK as details emerge …

UPDATE: Info on arrested persons here.

One Comment to “Poker Robbery Thwarted at Texas Oldtimers Game ”

  1. anonymous

    Thank you for telling this happy ending story. I applaud this police department for their obviously quick response. I have read your reporting of robberies in Dallas and Houston. Wouldn’t it be nice if other places that got robbed, tied up, threatened etc. (and one person was killed during a robbery) had cooperation from the pd at that location like the Seagoville PD took action here. Seagoville sounds like a safe town to live in!