Pollack, Moon and Begleiter appear on CNBC

by , Nov 6, 2009 | 12:06 pm

CNBC sports business reporter Darren Rovell has been very busy today reporting from the Penn & Teller Theatre at the Rio as ESPN and the WSOP staff are busy preparing the final table to resume Saturday at 12 noon Pacific time.

Rovell has done brief interviews with WSOP Commissioner Jeffrey Pollack, chip leader Darvin Moon, and former Bear Sterns executive Steve Begleiter. The Pollack interview appears below, with the other two interviews after the jump:

5 Comments to “Pollack, Moon and Begleiter appear on CNBC”

  1. Lara

    Begs will also be live on Bloomberg TV on Monday morning 8:45 am pst. Should be fun!

  2. DanM

    I think Pollack’s haircut looks nice.

  3. Fifth Street Journal

    The mainstream media attention is higher this year than it was last year, and hopefully it will continue to increase yearly. Begleiter in Time was good, and he seems to be one of the favorite stories at the final table. I guess his connection to Bear Stearns makes him interesting to the media.

  4. DanM

    Yeah, I think we’re seeing that the mainstream (public, as well as media) DOES have an interest … but only starting about a week out, and intensifying up to it.

    Seriously, I’m predicting ratings boom. I can easily see the final table on ESPN as big a hit as, say, the finale of The Bachelor season 2.

  5. Kevin Mathers

    One encouraging sign is that this afternoon, espn.com has poker in a prominent part of their front page.

    Also, Norman Chad is on the popular ESPN podcast by “Sports Guy” Bill Simmons.