Fed Dramatically Reduces Government’s WSOP Overlay

Nov-9 interest payments: What a difference a year makes …

by , Nov 5, 2009 | 6:57 pm

Some astute Pokerati commenters have broken down the November Nine prizepool bump (note to self: actually read WSOP media guide; people worked hard on that) … and man, the economy the economy … Thanks to KevMath, Mean Gene, and Fifth Street Journal for showing us how such an infinitesimal little slice of the WSOP can reveal so much more.

Read their tri-alogue for relevant microeconomic calculations, and even some suggestions on how Harrah’s might want to gamble with these funds in the future.

In a nutshell, last year $25 million held in the Nov-9 interim accrued $98k in interest. This year remaining payouts total $16 million; but the extra money that brings to the party — thanks to a drastic drop in short-term T-bill rates — is only $1,321.


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One Comment to “Fed Dramatically Reduces Government’s WSOP Overlay ”

  1. Kevin Mathers

    The media guide pre-WSOP was pretty good too, I hope they continue that trend next year. It’s chock full of information for those that like that sort of thing. The Nov. 9 guide does have way more info about Jack Link’s than humanly possible.