And Now a Word from …

by , Dec 22, 2009 | 11:20 am

… our new-good friends at, who think they’ve got just the stylish-cashz textiles for the guy who needs to be comfortable at a poker table and still be all-good should he get dragged out to a baller night at the clubs to compete against Ed Hardy douchebags for the affections of a lovely girl who may or may not know shit about how to play Ace-King but really needs another vodka-Red Bull …

Use coupon code ‘Pokerati’ for a special discount at,
where they’ve got shirts, jackets, hoodies, and
semi-naked pictures of Playboy bunny Jessa Lynn Hinton.

2 Comments to “And Now a Word from …”

  1. Aaron

    Oh my freakin’ Lord! Amazing lady.

  2. Lacey J

    Nice post Dan! Happy Holidays!