Liebert Talks with Negreanu about Sponsorship Deals

by , Jan 28, 2010 | 11:16 am

I couldn’t help but find this convo between Kathy Liebert and Daniel Negreanu incredibly interesting. Not just because they kinda-sorta call Annie Duke a “Hooo-ore”, but also because Pokeratizens have long dealt with @donkeybomber‘s bitchings about why he doesn’t get the accolades and patch deals offered less accomplished players. With him, my usual answer is, “What have you done for me lately?” But that doesn’t necessarily apply for Kathy Liebert — who is pretty much always winning something. Instead, there’s another game out there, Negreanu suggests, that Liebert chooses not to play.

From the WPT:

NOTE: Kathy Liebert still has a standing offer to play for Team Pokerati. We don’t pay your buy-ins, but we will put a patch on your chest and clap extra loud for you.

3 Comments to “Liebert Talks with Negreanu about Sponsorship Deals”

  1. Kevin Mathers

    The funny thing:

    Bodog’s now taking applications to sponsor female players.

  2. Anonymous

    check out did he really punch kathy liebert?

  3. Kevin Mathers

    No, they were both kidding with each other.