Pokerati 2009 Traffic Report

by , Jan 3, 2010 | 5:56 pm

It’s been a busy year for Pokerati — so much effed up poker news to chatter at, presumably at the expense of workplace productivity. Final year-end stats are in …

Unique visitors: 492,404
Visits: 1,119,809
Page views: 5,353,853
Avg. Visit: 7min 13sec
Bandwidth: 1.176 Terabytes

Damn, sounds like a lot … but fuggit, let’s double that shit for 2010; I don’t care how many terabytes it takes!

Shouts out to our top referrers in 2009. Our best friends of the year, in order, are:

Wicked Chops
Tao of Poker
Poker Grump
Pocket Fives
Poker Road
Hardboiled Poker

Also, some notable newcomers, whom we hope to see still lurking around these parts of the internet even more in 2010:


And, of course, we wouldn’t want to forget our foreign-lingual pals … without whom we couldn’t spread our loose-aggressive reporting worldwide as if it might actually be fact:

Good year. Go readers, skimmers, and clickers!

4 Comments to “Pokerati 2009 Traffic Report”

  1. Harris

    I think that with so many readers you might need to add a terms and conditions section to Pokerati. Perhaps you can take a lead from the terms and conditions I just read on another site:


    “It is important to note that this site and the stories and comments depicted above is to be used as an illustrative example of what some individuals have achieved with this/these products. This website, and any page on the website, is based loosely off a true story, but has been modified in multiple ways including, but not limited to: the story, the photos, and the comments. Thus, this page, and any page on this website, are not to be taken literally or as a non-fiction story. This page, and the results mentioned on this page, although achievable for some, are not to be construed as the results that you may achieve on the same routine. I UNDERSTAND THIS WEBSITE IS ONLY ILLUSTRATIVE OF WHAT MIGHT BE ACHIEVABLE FROM USING THIS/THESE PRODUCTS, AND THAT THE STORY DEPICTED ABOVE IS NOT TO BE TAKEN LITERALLY.”

  2. pokerprof

    Glad to help.

    Happy 2010!

  3. Stacey

    We are also a “newcomer” mentioning your blog, as it is very enjoyable and informative! Wishing you a great 2010!

  4. DanM

    Hi Stacey, I have been enjoying your tweets about Vegas tourneys about to get under way. We definitely should probably get together to discuss Las Vegas poker and so we can become Facebook friends.