SEGA Poker Room Launches

by , Jan 21, 2010 | 6:00 am

Sonic the Hedge-bettor.

More new players trying to get in on the online poker game … SEGA, the what-happened-to-them video gaming pioneer just opened its interactive online gaming/gambling sites … SegaCasino and SegaPoker … with more TK in 2010 they say.

At least we think the sites are live. With players from the US and Japan forbidden to play, I get a 403-Forbidden error when trying to access

6 Comments to “SEGA Poker Room Launches”

  1. wine of the month club

    Sega, really? They have an uphill battle ahead of them.

  2. DanM

    ***an uphill battle ahead of them.***

    agreed. but the current online poker establishment would be remiss to underestimate them.

  3. zachdealer

    they are also coming out with there own console again in summer 2010, here is the link

  4. Steve

    Thankfully I’m in Canada so I will be trying this site out. I mean it’s Sega. I grew up playing Sega so I have to help them out.

  5. mikey

    i wish i can play on sega go to to the ppa to help stand up for poker in the usa all of this feeds bushs crap send a leeter to the us presdent plus all the senators online poker will also help the us goverment make money on it and and its not right that can go to a casino and cant play poker at please make online poker legal so usa players can play on sega poker

  6. Dave

    I will play on sega poker when the law is lifted for good.