RE: Florida Man Jailed over Online Poker Money

German had people accusing him of major fraud

by , Mar 1, 2010 | 8:50 am

A little Google-translate suggests there’s a lot more to this case than just a guy in Florida getting carried away with online poker money transfers. Apparently the detainee, Michael Schuett, is an accused fraudster in Germany who has been on some sort of run hiding out in the USA. A German website exists for the sole purpose of outing this man’s alleged crimes — USAG24-Betrug, or, in English, USAG24 Scams: As Michael Schuett Still Cheating.

The basics:

You might wonder why there is this page. Well, I also have the services of Michael Schuett, alias adopted USAG24 Inc. and has been cheated a lot of money. Meanwhile, there are quite a lot of people who feel the same way.

The people who have resisted and have published their case as the Internet, were then put massive pressure from Michael Schuett and most have agreed to the cancellation of their websites. This of course happened after agreeing a settlement, for example, was paid some money from Michael Schuett so that the matter is created from the world. Most of these people have only received a fraction of the lost money again and had to return the sites to take from the net.

Thus Michael Schuett is still continuing its Betrügerein. I will not comment on such a comparison and the money had already been written off as dearly as I will have to deal with this person any more. However, I would keep everyone else from dealing with that person and any company business.

Your USAG24-dupe

Now for all we know this is just one disgruntled ex-colleague. But he’s had a twitter feed set up for the past three months just to track the whereabouts of this one person. @usag24betrug has three followers.

And here’s a half-hour lifestyle documentary on Michael Schuett, apparently chronicling his move to Florida:

Very strange. Might online poker sites be a victim of a fraud here? Or just tangled up with the wrong guy? I’m still not sure what to make of it all, but I do get the sense now that this situation may turn out to be about more than online poker …

6 Comments to “RE: Florida Man Jailed over Online Poker Money ”

  1. Janna

    Michael Schuett is, as you have written, a fraudster. He has been jailed at least two times in Germany. I know him in person and all I can say is, that I think he has been “used” in some way. He is not very clever, even if he can sell himself very good.

    My guess: Someone organized this payout-scheme and asked Schuett to work with him for a certain share of the profit. He, blinded by “easy money” agreed – and has been caught. I believe, he did not even realize, that he is doing crime.

    Well, so long, Michael Schuett. CU in 20 years or so… 😉

  2. CatcherBlock

    How do you know him???? I am good friends with his new wife and we are very confused about the whole situation.

  3. DanM

    do either of you commenters speak german? i am curious what the TV program was about that was featuring michael schuett.

  4. Janna

    I am from Germany. The German TV program which featured Schütt is called “Goodbye, Germany”. It is a kind of mixture of documentation and soap-opera and shows the fate of families leaving
    Germany to live somewhere else in the world. Schuett has been featured as wealthy business guy who already does a lot of business in Florida. The girl which is presented in the show is his former girlfriend. They have been splitted before the docu-soap has been send on air.

    Sorry for my English… 😉

  5. DanM

    Janna, thanks so much for your recap and translation help. Your English is far better than Google’s. 😉

  6. CatcherBlock

    Thank you Janna…..i translated the web site….couldnt figure out the video….