Federal grand jury investigating Full Tilt Poker

Indictments coming for Jesus, Howard and others?

by , Apr 5, 2010 | 11:18 am

The Financial Times in London is reporting that a federal grand jury in Manhattan has been investigating Full Tilt Poker and is ready to indict the online poker site along with several players who represent the site, including Chris “Jesus” Ferguson and Howard Lederer for possible money laundering and gambling violations. The article notes that FBI agents and/or prosecutors have spoken with at least two people involved in disputes with Full Tilt Poker.

Attorneys on both sides aren’t saying anything right now, but expect more news to come out when an announcement of possible indictments in the near future.

12 Comments to “Federal grand jury investigating Full Tilt Poker ”

  1. DanM

    That near future, I imagine, comes on June 1.

  2. flintsword

    Ironic that in a state with encrusted organized crime & serious crimes that need looking into, prosecutors are keen to unveil the evils of poker using an ambiguous law whose ink is barely dry on the books.

  3. donkey

    lmao…money laundering IS a serious organized crime

  4. gomuckyouself

    Fulltilt isnt trying to launder money, thats just the bs charges the feds are using to put the sqeeze on the owners. What Fulltilt wants its for online poker to be legimitized and fairly taxed so they can keep making money and not get shut down, fined and shipped to jail like that guy from india, dikshit, who owned Gibrater poker software.

  5. Brandon McSmith

    Well FTP can start by doing business honestly. It seems everytime you look up they are being sued for something. I miust say this is GREAT news for me as I will be contacting the FBI as to my case this week. They might have tried to contact me the other day but got disconnected when I answered. The number came up unavailable and when I answer it is usually the FBI.

  6. yo ftp thiefs

    man this web site should be fkn closed all they do is banned plp n take your cash HOPE THEY GET BANNED taste of their own medicine hahahahah

  7. dan

    i just made a deposit on full tilt for $20.00 and then they charged my account an extra $99.95 for service fee i guess…..this is fraud and should be prosecuted

  8. MyMojo

    Fatal System Error by Joseph Menn Why hello, #poker playing book-buying vertical market! http://bit.ly/aiZLeu
    April 20 at 10:24am via Selective Tweets · Comment · Like
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    Cyrus Sanai Doing my very best to sell your book, Joe.
    April 20 at 4:30pm

  9. DanM

    while i won’t defend menn nor cyrus sanai, the story you link to is pure shit — shameful online poker cocksucking disguised as journalism. we won’t even get into the ethics of it … but if you believe anything more than three snippets of that story, we have a bridge to discuss. anyone who thinks for a second that full tilt HASN’T been under investigation since 2007 (if not sooner) is burying their head in the sand … and clearly doesn’t understand how the US government works, let alone how to read a legal document.

    just my $.02 on your bizarrely worded comment.

  10. mymojo

    The posting was cut and pasted from Joseph Menn’s Facebook page. So how does that cock taste?

  11. DanM

    interesting. and actually, you’re right … this sorta posting could be very bad for a journalist’s reputation. so now that i understand what you pasted (next time give a little more explanation, dude), i’m not criticizing your linkage, i’m criticizing menn’s.i’ve got my issues with that article menn’s referencing, that’s all. and even without his own article in the financial times, i still believe what i’m saying, that i am nearly certain FTP and others are under FBI investigation. i haven’t revealed the details of everything i know, ya know.

    re: cocksucking … that is referring to the people in poker who simply refuse to look at the situation from the perspective of the DOJ … they are the ones i am accusing of aggressive, blind defense of their beloved online poker sites.

    maybe it will turn out that i am totally wrong. but it was a howard lederer video that taught me how to think through a situation and figure out when certain things just don’t add up. and that’s what i see here. are you telling me because this Financial Times author may be corrupted by his desire to sell books he’s totally wrong about Full Tilt?

    Serious question … do you really believe that all is hunky dory in the world of American online poker, that no legal threat exists, and that i am simply off-my-rocker paranoid?

  12. mymojo

    Ok – So I should of explained where the cut and paste was from, sorry my bad. And you’re right, things aren’t adding up and maybe you know more inside information than the rest of us. But one thing that didn’t add up is why some random writer for a London based newspaper would have the story first (and only). And the article reads like it was written for the National Enquirer not a respected financial journal.

    Do I think the online poker situation is all hunky dory? No. Do I want it to be? Yes. I like playing poker at 3 am from the privacy of my own home.

    So maybe we shouldn’t blindly defend online poker but we sure as fuck shouldn’t be burning them at the stake for shit they haven’t even been charged with. If you don’t like Full Tilt don’t play there. Do you think if shit happens to Full Tilt it won’t affect the whole industry?