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Advanced-Beginner PLO lessons from LFTV

by , May 17, 2010 | 6:18 am

Yikes, didn’t realize I would need a pen for taking notes … But apparently word is leaking back to CardRunners headquarters in Chicago that I am struggling a bit in PLO. I thought I was getting it all, until I saw this video, actually, and learned just how much I don’t know. My friends at CR want me to work with LFTV on better reading the texture of boards and thus interpreting what opponents’ actions mean on all variety of flops.

LFTV, btw, is short for “learned from TV.” He’s apparently their resident expert in Pot-Limit Omaha education … at least for pre-flop play and subsequent decisions after you see the first three community cards. I can tell he’s a good teacher. But oy, so many numbers … maybe I belong in the remedial class?

Blow up the screen and try to follow along. You, of course, can get even more full-length CardRunners video lessons with

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