Re: Andy Bloch returns to Rio to defend Internet freedom

It’s about more than just poker, but poker important part of it

by , Jul 23, 2010 | 10:16 am

Thursday morning at the Rio, Andy Bloch was part of a panel at Netroots Nation titled Internet Freedom: Protecting Rights in the Digital Realm. Many in the poker community have heard Bloch’s points about how the government is infringing on the freedom of poker players (UIGEA), but to most in the audience, it was new information to them.

Andy Bloch talking poker and Internet freedom

Andy Bloch talking poker and Internet freedom (Photo by BJ Nemeth)

Bloch stated three reasons why they should care, even if they’re not an online poker player: Basic freedom, the implications and side effects a ban on Internet gambling would have and how it could move to other areas of the Internet, and that people need to be organized and actively defend their rights. Bloch related a story about how he was playing a $1 SNG online (not mentioning Full Tilt Poker, but he was wearing a PPA patch) with an individual who was visually impaired. He stated that the person he was talking to, and others like him, would not be able to play in a brick and mortar casino. He also described how the UIGEA was passed in the middle of the night in 2006, attached to a must-pass bill. At the time, the PPA and poker community weren’t as mobilized as they are today in the effort to regulate Internet gambling.

The other two individuals on the panel, James Rucker of discussing net neutrality and Amelia Donoley of the Center for Media Justice discussing how Internet freedom affects migrant and Latino communities. Most of the audience questions (which were difficult to hear on the video) appeared to be geared toward the net neutrality issue, with the fear that big corporations would control the flow of the Internet, forcing out smaller companies and non-profit groups. Andy stated that there are big corporations supporting net neutrality, as well as to help regulate online poker.

At the end of the panel, each panelist had one final opportunity to promote their efforts. Bloch brought out a poker chip with a bar code to enter into a drawing for an Ipad. The other two panelists seemed impressed with his offering as they each picked up a chip. To watch the hearing, it’s available below:

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  1. Randy

    There’s a monumental difference between a regulation that bars offshore companies from driving you broke, and being able to play poker online. Interestingly the “PPA” sticker was being worn by a player who is with “Full Tilt” um, hello…they’re an over seas company…no where near an American Company!

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  2. DanM

    Randy, i thought you were making an intelligent argument, and was willing to overlook your improper IDing of Annie Duke as a Full Tilt player (she’s with UB) … but then i see you are just spam-shilling a subpar half-ass poker site we’ve never heard of. weak.

    holy shit, someone has found the magic route around the uigea! eureka!

    to any readers who may not be poker regulars considering “goldenop” … know that this sorta subscription poker is like thinking you are gonna play golf only to discover your tee-time is for putt-putt.

  3. Randy

    Need your eyes checked? Intelligence? Where did I say anything about Annie Duke? I was talking about the article, the one I commented on, and talking about Andy (Bloch..who’s IN the article), who Plays full tilt. Nice try to twist it though.Uber-Fail.

    The site I talked about,, rocks. Yes, It is new, it IS American based and IS completely legal. Use no code, I don’t care. I used one and got a pile of chips when I signed up. It’s not sub-par in anyway, the game play is smooth 3D with cool goodies and there’s cash and satellite tourneys all day~every day.

    I’m trying to let people know that there IS an American online poker site that they can safely play. To let them know, that for the cost of a pizza and a couple beers they can play poker all month, win cash, play satellites and their chips build towards prizes and gifts from the vault.

    What it is NOT…is like the other sites, you know…like thinking your going to play golf, to find out the course is half way around the world and you have to go underground to make your deposit for your tee-time.
    You should check it out 🙂

  4. DanM

    lol, randy … semi-fair enough. i’ll take the F. i am a little incapacitated and on meds right now, so that’s my excuse. (true story.)

    however, whether i’m right or wrong, my prejudice is that sites like yours — with a bonus code in my comments no less — are a lot of bullshit. spade club, club wpt, whatever, there are tons of them … are lame alternatives to the real online poker andy bloch and the u.s. congress are talking about. pardon my irritable snobbiness seeing this as kiddie poker, training wheels poker, or anything like that. (you can play for FREE on sites like Stars or Tilt dot net, ya know.)

    the point of the post was about andy bloch’s efforts to bring real matters of online poker legality into the context of bigger, multibillion-dollar international internet freedom issues.

    the point of your comment was to shill for a site that a) our readers don’t give a shit about b) will never produce a wsop bracelet winner.

    if you disagree, i’m willing to bet you a lot of money that says otherwise.

    p.s. yes, my eyes are part of the problem right now. thanks for your concern.

  5. Randy

    For whatever reason your down Dan, I hope it gets better fast! Best wishes for you and your doubt and I’ll take semi-fair enough.

    In reply to your message (they’re aren’t showing btw, wasn’t sure if that was the meds) I understand and appreciate your opinion, I agree with you on 99% of them. I appreciate the PPA, Annie, Andy and their intent. As for the sites you mentioned being able to play free..I know, I played at PS (both) as well as the test site.

    And with a lil further details/discussion, I’m willing to take that bet, in a New York second…privately or publicly.

  6. Randy

    P.S. they are all showing, I stand corrected…mutli-tasking too much I guess. ~R

  7. G-Squared

    I checked out the GoldStrike website and found it ironic that the VIP club is called The Gold Shaft. Seems to me a better name could have been chosen since many internet players already feel they’ve gotten the shaft from online sites at one time or another.