Unofficial Official Mock Hall of Fame Ballot Results

Harrington a lock, Seidel likely according to popular vote

by , Oct 2, 2010 | 1:12 am

Voting is closed. Your votes never really counted anyway, nor probably should they, because they don’t match up very closely with how my blue-ribbon 10/330 went. Frankly, I have a feeling the Pokerati masses can be asses will come much closer to how the real 2010 Hall of Fame inductions go. As for now, around these parts, Harrington and Seidel are clear frontrunners:

(In the real voting top two get in.)

Dan Harrington – 157
Erik Seidel – 97

Linda Johnson – 56
Phil Ivey – 54
Barry Greenstein – 49
Tom McEvoy – 25
Chris Moneymaker (write-in) – 20
Scotty Nguyen – 20
Chris Ferguson – 16
Daniel Negreanu -12
Jennifer Harman – 4

One Comment to “Unofficial Official Mock Hall of Fame Ballot Results ”

  1. Mark Gahagan

    The voters got two out of the three right anyway.