(Way Outside) the Tournament Circuit – Oct. 3

by , Oct 3, 2010 | 6:09 pm

PokerStars EPT London final tables for their £5,000 Main Event and £20,000 High Roller are both set for Monday afternoon at 12pm London time (7am ET). Live streaming of the 5k final table will be available at www.eptlive.com and www.pokerstars.tv. First, here’s the lineup for the 5k final table with the winner earning £900,000 with updates available at PokerNews and PokerStarsblog.com:

Seat 1: David Vamplew – 3,670,000
Seat 2: Tom Marchese – 1,480,000
Seat 3: Fernando Brito – 1,100,000
Seat 4: Per Ummer – 1,245,000
Seat 5: Artur Wasek – 2,250,000
Seat 6: Kayvan Payman – 1,295,000
Seat 7: Kyle Bowker – 7,165,000
Seat 8: John Juanda – 7,075,000

Here’s the final table for the High Roller event with £556,000 going to the winner (updates available at PokerStarsblog.com)

Seat 1: Matt Marafioti – 96.000
Seat 2: Pierre Neuville – 110,000
Seat 3: William Molson – 126,000
Seat 4: Andrew Robl – 835,000
Seat 5: Fabian Quoss – 605,000
Seat 6: Jani Sointula – 320,000
Seat 7: Jose Ignacio “Nacho” Barbero – 464,000
Seat 8: Vanessa Selbst – 1,262,000

Elsewhere …

WSOP Circuit – Southern Indiana, Elizabeth, IN :: Action got away Saturday for a month of WSOP-C action in Indiana with 570 players taking part in the first ring event, $350 NL holdem. Check out WSOP.com for results on Monday.

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  1. kevlover

    A good writer would probably tell the readers what time the final tables start…..

  2. DanM

    Indeed, and a good editor would catch such an oversight. I bet you are aware, however, that it is going on right now, GMT.

  3. kevlover

    This is why he doesn’t get any paying gigs……too many errors….and just copies others work…..doesnt have an idea of his own…..and when he does its wrong…just look at his twitter about the ept london…..its well known about the Kevmath Jinx…(Im sorry Kevmath when Pokerstars give u ffps that is not a paying gig)…

  4. kevlover

    Its just hard to believe that Kevin believes he should get paid for what he does…anyone with no job/no life can do what he does…all they have to do is follow all the sites he does…..he wants to get paid for copy and paste of other sites..that is just lol…kevin its time to stand up….and stop living off ur mom and other taxpayers..get off ur ass get a job….

  5. DanM

    LOL, what did your mother do to you as a child to make you hate people who enjoy what they do? i’m all for calling people out, and respecting anonymity. but even if what you say is true — he’s all cut and paste — you clearly don’t understand the skill involved in being the best cut-and-paster out there. again, you don’t need to identify yourself, and i can protect the identity, but send me an example of your work and i will blindly bet that kevmath’s has more value to me and others in the business of most efficiently sharing information from around the internet with busy readers.

    (did you really say “taxpayers”? if you are trying to imply kevmath relies on public assistance and i can prove he does not, does that discredit everything you say in and of itself?)

    btw, my mom has been telling me to “get a job” for more than a decade … and i’m kinda proud that through it all very rarely have i had to.

  6. DanM

    p.s. KL, i actually pay kevmath for his contributions here — a loaf of bread and can of oil every month … with a special fruitcake for christmas! are you saying i’m an idiot and he’s not worth it? because i am willing to make a bet with you … as a guy who knows what his “assignment” is, with certain expectations and demands … i will bet you twice his wage that over the course of two weeks, you couldn’t do it better. in fact, upon establishing independently judging criteria, i might even spot you points!

    that’s not just hyperbole nor team defense … i am simply super-confident that you couldn’t win that bet even if you tried — and if you could, then damn, i’m someone who is stupid enough to think it is worth the price for making such a find! wanna give it a go?

    danm at this website.com is my email address.

  7. TheCBB

    Oh snap!

  8. Mark Gahagan

    Sorry, I was too busy living off the government’s dime to notice or care that this exchange was going on.

    Seriously though…really? Of all the people you try to pick on its Kevmath? Do you need help digging that grave, or are you good by yourself?