Full Tilt Patch Issues Resolved(?)

by , Nov 6, 2010 | 12:04 pm

Looks like they’ve taken care of the patch problem over at full tilt. Ty Stewart was on the verge of blowing up at the media in last week’s conference call when he was bombarded by questions, but now it seems that the people at FTP have found a good workaround:

Full Tilt Patches

  • Michael Mizrachi
  • John Dolan
  • Joseph Cheong

Cardrunners Patches

  • Matt Jarvis
  • John Racener
  • Filippo Candio

Poker After Dark Patches(!)

  • Soi Nguyen

That last one I did not expect. Poker After Dark is so obviously connected with Full Tilt its nauseating, and as for Cardrunners, well, its a lot more separate than PAD, but, its also close enough. Harrah’s hasn’t done anything yet, but the cards having gone in the air just yet.

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