(Just Outside) The Tournament Circuit – November 15

by , Nov 15, 2010 | 10:08 am

NAPT :: 256 players will not be coming back as Day 2 saw more people eliminated from play than on either day 1 day. They played about 6 levels today (down from 10 levels on day 1) and the blinds are now 3000/6000 with a 750 ante. Jimmie Guinther is the new chipleader, with 894,000 chips, but Travis Pearson (835,000) is not very far behind. A familar face from the Day 1B chip counts, Anh Van Nguyen, is also sitting pretty with 614,000, good enough for 3rd on the chip counts. With 81 players left going into day 3 and 22 of those players teetering in the dreaded ~20BB and below range, the action is sure to come fast and furious tomorrow.

Here’s a look at the top 10 chip counts as well as some notables:

  • Jimmie Guinther: 894,000
  • Travis Pearson: 835,000
  • Anh Van Nguyen: 614,000
  • Bryn Kenney: 586,000
  • Thomas Middleton: 519,000
  • Micah Raskin: 515,500
  • Tom Lee: 509,000
  • Nicholas Verkaik 495,500
  • James Sowers: 481,000
  • Michael Binger: 474,000
  • Phil Laak (whom Pokerstars has listed as from Ireland because birthplace is all that matters): 377,000
  • Jason Mercier: 158,000
  • Gavin Griffin 143,500

If anyone was missed from the notables, well, we can only fit so many in one go. Play resumes at 1PM PST.

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