This Week’s Big Winners – November 15th

by , Nov 15, 2010 | 12:19 pm

After crowning a new World Champion last week, it would be a bit difficult to generate as much excitement for this week. But once you’ve embraced young Mr. Duhamel and memorized the Canadian National Anthem, buck up because the tournament circuit never sleeps.

Some of the best players in the world converged on Southeast Asia and Los Angeles, with multiple events in each locale, but that wasn’t all that happened this week.

APPT Macau (Macau)

18-year-old Zhang Dan Peng, playing in his first ever live tournament, defeated a field of 161 that included the likes of Phil Ivey, Tom Dwan and John Juanda, amongst others. Peng took home HK$1.67 million, about $215,000, for his victory. He is the first Chinese player to win the APT Macau. [PokerListings]

The biggest story to come out of Macau was what Ivey and Dwan were doing after they exited the tournament. They sat down at the cash tables with some wealthy Chinese businessmen, and according to Matt Savage there was at least $5 million on the table at the game’s peak. [BetFair]

WSOP Circuit Biloxi (Biloxi, Mississippi)

The newly reimagined WSOP Circuit continues to bounce around the country at a blistering pace. The latest stop saw the Circuit head to Biloxi, with the $1,500 Main Event pulling in an impressive 270 runners. Travis Lutes was the last man standing, taking home $95,000 and a coveted seat in the upcoming WSOPC $1 million freeroll at Caesers. [PokerNews]

Isle Open Poker Championship (Pompano Beach, Florida)

The latest poker gold rush in the United States has to be going down in Florida, where recent changes to the law have allowed games to explode at dog tracks and casinos throughout the state. They didn’t even need the name power of a major tour to draw 198 players to their $2,000 main event. Ayaz Mahmood, who won a bracelet at this year’s WSOP, made the final table and finished 7th, and Matt Ezrol found himself $100,000 richer following his win. [Cardplayer]

APPT Cebu (Cebu, Philippines)

232 players who started action less than a week ago are now down to just nine. Kim Gap Young of Korea is the chip leader heading into this final table, where they’ll be vying for PHP 5,810,000 for first place money. Action should be resuming shortly, so follow all of the action via the link just to the right of this sentence. [PokerStars Blog]

LA Poker Open (Los Angeles, California)

It’s often said that you can’t get something for nothing, but in this case you can come pretty close. The Commerce Casino has developed a tournament system with small buy-ins and several opportunities to re-enter that have generated massive prize pools. The LA Poker Open is no exception, as a $220 and a $125 event each crowned $100,00 winners, Vinh Duong and Peter Hengsakul respectively. The two tournaments had a combined prize pool of over $825,000. [Commerce Casino]

NAPT Los Angeles (Los Angeles, California)

81 players are still standing in this one. Check out Mark Gahagan’s update for chip counts and notables that are still in contention.

There was some big news from the side events at this event, as early this morning Jess Welman chopped the Ladies’ event for $3,000. This continues an incredible run in live events this year, including a cash in the WSOP Women’s event and a final table appearance in Event #1 of the Detox Poker Series, which was a freeroll following a win in a media freeroll. She also finished second in the recent Foxwoods media freeroll.

Perhaps spending all of her time covering the poker circuit has rubbed off on her, and it is clearly time for her to consider going pro. In fact, just working for her at the WSOP this summer seems to have rubbed off on yours truly, as this past Friday night I won $3,700 in a $2 Rush rebuy tournament on FullTilt.

In Other News…

Recent Hall of Fame inductee Dan Harrington finished fifth in the appropriately named $1,000 Poker Hall of Fame event at the Caesers Classic… Check out this fantastic piece by Short-Stacked Shamus following up on the Cannes cheating scandal that gives some insight into the presence of poker media at live events.

In the Online World…

The biggest news in the online world is centered around FullTilt, as they finally followed the lead of PokerStars and headed out of Washington. It’s not all bad though as the latest round of FTOPS is well underway, with over $19 million in prize guarantees.

6 Comments to “This Week’s Big Winners – November 15th”

  1. Jess

    Please note that Timtern’s score off a $2 investment is more than any individual cash I have made this year. Who was once the student is now the teacher.

  2. JamesDaBear

    Yes… but it is doubly bad for FTP players in Washington who were preparing to play in the FTOPS and now can’t… unless we take a trip to another state. FTP should have warned us before the start of the FTOPS. Before we did things like make deposits or transfers or played in satellites to win seats to tournaments we now can’t play. FTP picked an arbitrary date to shut out our access to real money play. They could have arbitrarily given us advance notice they were going to do it, so we could make the proper decisions with our bankrolls. It’s not exactly what I said would happen, but it’s pretty damn close.

  3. Dan Michalski

    dude, you gotta be fair to FTP. i can almost assure you this sorta decision wasn’t arbitrary. they clearly want you to be able to play as much as possible there. Washingtonians have long known they were violating a law, as stupid and ridiculous as it may be.

    so to complain about money transfers and satellite spends … well you could always take your beefs to higher authorities like the DOJ. maybe i’m mistaken because i haven’t played online in forever, but haven’t seen signs of tilt or stars being cavalier with their players’ money.

  4. JamesDaBear

    I have to do what? I don’t owe FTP a damn thing. I pay their ridiculous micro-stakes rakes. I fill up their games. I play their Rush Poker. I’ve often promoted their site, especially their FTP Academy which they’ve turned into a big waste of time. They have my money, and you want me to be fair?

    Do you think FTP was fair to me? Would it have been too much to ask for them to give us notice before they lock down our accounts from both withdrawing or transferring? At least PokerStars let us do that, even though they just sprung it on us one morning as well. You agree that the date was completely arbitrary, right? They could have made it two weeks before or two weeks after. There’s absolutely nothing special about that Friday morning except it was after the FTOPS started.

    Not so sure about being a Washingtonian who’s violating a law part either, since they relaxed the restrictions on the player in ’07 and converted most of the onus onto the operator, as stated in a previous Pokerati article. As a recreational player who didn’t start playing until ’08, I was fully prepared to stand in court should the state want to knock on my door and charge me with something… fully prepared with an argument that differentiates what I do and have done from other players.

    I have a different perspective on this than most, since I started my bankroll from scratch… from freerolls. I’ve never once deposited. I worked damn hard to earn that money that’s sitting there in limbo right now. And you want me to be fair to a multi-billion dollar industry that let us play and cashed our checks and then screwed us to protect their own ass without even the slightest warning?

    Turn the blame around on us all you want, but I’m shocked that anybody would fault me for being a little honked that they didn’t give their players a week to do what they needed to do with their money… whether that’s withdraw it, transfer it to someone else, or leave it there for those copious trips across state borders we all take.

    What’s not shocking is the people who don’t seem to care too much, are the people whose money wasn’t affected by this. Just wait, with these attitudes, your favorite state’s turn is coming.

  5. Dan Michalski

    JDB, you are one of my favorite commenters, and I can see your frustration. But I don’t think you are getting the gravity of the law — particularly as it pertains to Full Tilt.

    You do realize, I assume, that you just admitted, right hear to committing a FELONY. Sure, no one has been prosecuted yet, but the wrong state senator get’s a bug up his butt and suddenly I find myself having to hire a lawyer fighting to not turn over your information under subpoena.

    OK, maybe that’s too self-indulgently dramatic, but now just imagine similar situations playing out with someone who helped facilitate your acts to 14,000 people (or however many FTP players in Washington state).

    I’m certainly not defending Full Tilt here — and know very little about the intricacies of an FTOPS money transfer. But you do have the option to leave the state, cross the border to Canada, Oregon, wherever. Or you could be setting up one of those IP re-scramblers that the spammers are hitting me with these days.

    Or you could take your business elsewhere, right … like to Poker Stars, er … ok, maybe not. I can see why you’re pissed off. I just think this does not sound like the place where FTP took a screw-the-players-lets-get-what’s-ours attitude. I could be wrong … way wrong. Maybe others will chime in with their opinions, because while I can speak in general terms I don’t think I have actually cashed out from Tilt since like 2007 — and that was in Texas, not Washington State!

  6. JamesDaBear

    April 2007 – In order to protect Washington State citizens from government intrusion, state legislators passed Bill 1243 to correct excessiveness in the 2006 law. Now, it is legal for a Washington state resident to gamble online for recreation, but not for “organized profit” (read: profession). Although the change was made, it is still illegal for online operators to provide online poker to the state, making the change largely cosmetic. []

    Directly from Mark Gahagan’s timeline posted right here on pokerati. Again… this was BEFORE I played a single hand of real money poker online.

    Sorry to burst your journalistic bubble, but that’s no scoop. I’m clear on twitter, facebook, here, there, everywhere including my personal website. I’m not worried about the legal ramifications on my end. In that I mean, I welcome them to come charge me with something over playing $5 SNGs, as I’ve stated many times. Just happens that I’ve done more of it, more successfully on FTP than any other site… which makes them willing abettors and accomplices in any felony I may have committed. I’m more than ok with being an accomplice to any felony they may have committed.

    I do not want to circumvent any state or federal law (of which I believe I haven’t run afoul), nor gaming company restriction. I have taken my own precautions, including not withdrawing the considerable money I’ve made employing my skills, nor depositing from any financial institution… no pre-paid credit cards, nobody making deposits or withdrawals on my behalf.

    Hell, I’ve even paid taxes on what I’ve won so far just the same as what I’ve won at the many Indian Casinos and bowling alley poker games Washington State has no problem with me playing (no matter which lie and/or half truth Margarita Prentice goes with this week). I’ve taken the high road. FTP should have done the same.

    I want the freedom to play poker wherever I see fit, no matter what state I live in, no matter what state I happen to be in. I want the hypocracy and lies to stop.

    FTP, PS, Cake, Merge, etc… should have 1) never taken a dime from Washington State players, if this was the way they were going to treat them in “the end”. We would have been pissed then too, but at least we wouldn’t have been screwed over.

    And 2) put the effort over the last two months in shutting us out into getting an initiative on the last ballot here in Washington State (never mind the three previous years since they ninja passed the ridiculous law) that at the very least made online poker expressly LEGAL in the State of Washington, if not just overturned the whole law. Both avenues have demonstrated massive popularity in polls, and the process is nothing new here in this state (they just passed an initiative overturning a tax on candy, soda and yogurt covered raisins, while declining a state income tax and privatized liquor). If I had the money, I would have done it myself. I know FTP and PS have the money with the ridiculously-high rakes they’ve been charging me.

    For me, Washington State is still Sauron, but FTP and PS just turned themselves into the rest of the baddies trying to keep me from throwing the One Ring into Mt. Doom.

    Rest assured Dan, I will be taking my money elsewhere… when FTP stops holding it hostage. It’s not about taking my business elsewhere, I made that decision about PS, and now FTP, a while back and now am very grateful I diversified my money quite a lot in the last year… but they still have quite a bit of my money.

    Some of that isn’t even gambling winnings, but payment for services rendered unrelated to poker, for which I have clear documentation. I would have at least removed this money had FTP given me even a couple hours notice.

    They slapped me in the face with this, out of nowhere, one morning… which just happened to coincide with burying my Grandmother. I understand it was just a coincidence for which they have no control over, but there’s no forgetting that.

    (BTW… You or don’t actually have any personal information of mine as you don’t require a registration to participate. If anybody needs a lawyer, I think a Mr. Rousso would be happy to help us out there.)