November 9 Links

by , Nov 7, 2010 | 2:17 pm

November 9:

  • As the bust outs started coming quickly last night the guys over at PokerListings were there to get the exit interviews for the last 3 to get eliminated. First was Michael Mizrachi, who was followed not to soon by Fillipio Candio. And finally the interview of Joseph Cheong shortly after his big hand. (PokerListings)
  • Cheong Light Savings was the last Tao of Pokerati Podcast to be published last night before the crew went to sleep party throughout the night. Dr. Pauly gives us a brief glimpse into the happenings on Monday when the final 2 come back to play for the Bracelet and $8.9 million. (Tao of Poker)
  • Did Joseph simply just have a major blowup or was he just on the next level of thinking and got caught? Short-Stack Shamus from Hard-Boiled Poker takes a look at hand #212 along with a few other dramatic hands from the night. (Hard-Boiled Poker)
  • Andrew Feldman and Lance Bradley get together shortly after play has concluded for the day to recap the day. The Poker Edge podcast is a bit long but if you want to hear every players elimination interview along with some insight from the guys then it is definitely a must listen. (Poker Edge Podcast)

Non-Novemeber 9:

  • Tatjana Pasalic of Party Poker sits down with the winner from WPT Amneville, Sam El Sayed. (Party Poker Blog)

The Battle of the Jon’s (Johnathan Duhamel and Jon Racener) will commence Monday night at 11:00 EST.

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