#reidbill: Dead or Alive?

by , Dec 8, 2010 | 3:15 pm

The Las Vegas Sun published an article with breath-stopping title and sensational image of Reid ponderously looking downwards while chatting into his cell phone.

Twitfeed #reidbill erupted.

But take a closer look at this article -> frankly it doesn’t make any sense.

1. “Rest easy, traditionalists: online poker will not be entering the legally authorized gaming arena this lame duck Congress, and that probably means it won’t be happening any time soon.” -> this sounds like the bill is dead.

2. Reid “would not be adding legalization of online poker to his list of objectives during the lame duck.” -> objectives? so is it dead?

3. “We’re still working on that, we’re not able to,” Reid said.-> Is he working, or he not able?

4.  “But if Reid says there’s still too much work to be done on it, that doesn’t seem too likely an outcome anymore.” -> if it’s not an objective then when why is he working on it? Is it unlikely, or dead?

5. Why is the *Las Vegas Sun* the one reporting on this?

The only thing that seems relevant in this article is why it was published in the first place.

3 Comments to “#reidbill: Dead or Alive?”

  1. Dan Michalski

    What are you suggesting about the LV Sun? that they may be a tool used for other purposes? clearly possible in NV, but i haven’t figured out who’s who yet in terms of Sun vs. RJ. (lol on our “vegas journalist” having to ask that question of our DC reporter.)

  2. Scarlet Robinson

    Lmao. I’m just saying a Vegas paper reporting as a primary source in a huge freakin’ international story that’s going down in DC seems a bit odd.. with not a whisper outta DC.

    Yeah I’m saying it sounds like it’s a tool!!! And uh.. a very oddly written one at that. But I don’t know much about the Sun v. LVJ (that would be your domain ed. as pointed out) I would have been more inclined to take it much more seriously if it were:

    1) Written by LVJ – as a paper that has tracked this Reid bill story ALL ALONG, even hosting the first draft o-the-bill online


    2) Written with a real single point (or even two.. or three.. )

    I can see this is the beginning of a strong DC v. LV storyline between us @Pokerati …

  3. nrocme

    My guess is that the bill will be attached after the floor vote.
    Same as UIGEA was. This article will remove focus maybe?