#reidbill: It’s alive! (It was never dead.)

by , Dec 8, 2010 | 5:44 pm

Looks as if Las Vegas Sun has as many versions of their articles as #reidbill has drafts.

I’d link to the old article they published earlier, but I can’t.  Instead, the old link points to a new-and-?-improved article “Reid’s office: Legalizing online poker still on lame-duck agenda.”

Has anyone heard of publishing corrections rather than updating old content on the web? But instead out with the old, and in with the new:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s staff said late Wednesday that he is still intent on pushing for legislation during the lame duck session to legalize online poker.

The remarks came in response to a Sun article posted online earlier in the day. In that earlier article, Reid was quoted telling the Sun after a press conference that he would not be adding legalization of online poker to his list of objectives during the lame duck session.

“We’re still working on that, we’re not able to,” Reid said in a remark captured on audio tape.

A spokesman for Reid said later that the second half of Reid’s comment was in response to a different reporter’s question. That question was not heard by other reporters and in apparently responding to it, Reid did not break eye contact with the Sun reporter.

I’m not sure what to call this, but is certainly *not* a retraction. For those of us here tracking #reidbill, I think the Sun might owe us all some damages for whiplash.

One Comment to “#reidbill: It’s alive! (It was never dead.)”

  1. zero2hero

    There was some speculation about this Sun article being a bluff in the 2+2 thread. One poster commented about old nits not being able to bluff, but that post was rebutted by someone astutely pointing out that you don’t get to Reid’s position without some bluffs in the arsenal.