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F-Bomb dropping poker player. Dog lover/kid hater. Atheist. Writer/humorist. Perpetually manic & giving sleep the finger. I shit glamour, and Pokerati wants me covering Vegas "gossip"?

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  • Brash Online Pro Headed to the Slammer

    20 Feb 2011

    Carter Gill, 24, a top-ranked online poker pro, may be offline for a while, as he says he’ll be reluctantly turning himself in to authorities in Jefferson County, Oklahoma, to begin serving a 14-day jail sentence. The charges stem NOT from his arrest in September for public drunkenness at WinStar Casino, where he had to […]

  • Eskimo Bracelet Buy-It-Now, More Eastgate Swag for Sale, Phillips’ Quitter Quotient + Happy and Gay in Poker

    The Railbird Report

    01 Dec 2010

    WSOP-eBay Gold is currently selling for $1,390 an ounce, just short of what Eskimo would need for his next WSOP buy-in. I’m back in action because I thought I was going to be up this morning spending my Pokerati paycheck on an Eskimo Clark bracelet — there’s one for sale on Ebay right now, in […]

  • Circle Jerks, Poker with A-Rod, Fellatio al Lago

    The Poker Bitch

    02 Nov 2010

    Some may recognize me from Twitter, a few may have cracked my aces a time or two, and it’s possible that some of you were smart enough to jot down that number I left on the bathroom wall. If you don’t recognize me AT ALL, then you’re part of an exclusive group called “Almost Everyone”. […]