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  • Neutralize Stress, Reduce Pressure

    11 Aug 2011

    Jen Dunphy Poker Life Coach  Making a distinction between pressure and stress is important at the poker table whether you are playing tournament or cash; so let’s get the details straight. – Stress in any form generally happens or just exists like pollution, life changes or traffic. – Pressure is imposed by yourself or others […]

  • Good for Poker or Good for TV?

    01 Aug 2011

    Matt Savage OP-ED My dedication to poker tournaments and the game itself is two decades old. Starting with my first foray into the role of tournament director in 1997 and through my founding of the Tournament Directors Association (TDA) with Linda Johnson, Jan Fisher, and Dave Lamb in 2001, I have worked tirelessly to standardize […]

  • Poker Physiology

    16 Jul 2011

    Jen Dunphy Poker Life Coach   Your body is an intricate and delicate system designed to sense threat, and biologically programmed to avoid it. Your nervous system is a vast information highway that runs every cellular process in the body. From breathing and your heartbeat to movement and thought, your nervous system affects every process […]

  • Give Harrah’s Some Credit

    26 Jun 2011

    Johnny Hughes OP-ED At the World Series of Poker, they announce the event and coveted bracelet winners and then play the national anthem of the country they come from. Play stops at all the cash games and the players stand and remove their hats. When an American won, my table stood with their hands over […]

  • Poker Fitness: 5 Keys to surviving the WSOP

    24 Jun 2011

    Jen Dunphy Poker Life Coach Mindset, mindset, mindset! It’s a common buzzword around poker, and with each calculated risk/reward scenario being played out inside the inner workings of the brain, there’s no doubt that a poker player’s mindset is important. If you haven’t cleared your head of hang ups, fears, negative habits and weak confidence, […]

  • Players Shouldn’t Expect Money Back without Facing Tax Problems

    18 Apr 2011

    Sanford Millar OP-ED There are two actions pending against online poker companies in the Southern District of New York — an indictment of individual defendants, and a civil forfeiture complaint against the companies. The civil forfeiture complaint seeks forfeiture of all assets of the defendants, including specified domains and bank accounts. There have been several […]

  • Poker Bots: Come With Me if You Want to Live

    20 Feb 2011

    Tim Chilcote OP-ED Machines have always been the enemy of man, at least in movies and on television, yet somehow we never see our A.I. overlords coming until it’s too late. Case in point, in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Doctor Miles Bennett Dyson spends a lifetime developing artificial intelligence as part of the Skynet project, […]

  • A Tipping Point

    Know how dealers make a living before deciding how much or little to leave

    01 Feb 2011

    Chad Harberts OP-ED I recently set off a minor controversy when I mentioned to @Pokerati that a Red Rock Casino poker dealer complained that new Heartland Poker champion Rob Perelman (@veerob) didn’t leave a dealer tip at the conclusion of the tournament. First, I do not know Rob at all and was not making an […]

  • Your Suspicions Confirmed

    Secrets of the WSOP Revealed

    22 Jun 2010

    J.G. OP-ED To start, I must address the reasons for obscuring my identity. Matters such as the ones I’ll address in the coming paragraphs should be open to free and intelligent discussion within the community. Perhaps a person of stronger will would view the open airing of a difficult topic as so beneficial to all […]

  • Daniel Negreanu Is Right in All the Wrong Ways

    There’s more to WSOP media coverage than accurate chip counts

    10 Jun 2010

    Anonymous Pro OP-ED Daniel Negreanu is the E.F. Hutton of poker. He relishes the role. He knows that if in the throes of passion he utters, “Do it. Do it. Do it just like that. Make sure there is a 150-300 level!” that — no matter whether he ends the night in warm, introspective afterglow […]