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  • Duke of Fremont Set to Face Assailants

    31 Jul 2013

    I will be personally appearing before Judge J. Bixler at the sentencing hearing of Edmond Paul Price at 8:30am in room 10C at the Clark County District Court Regional Justice Center, 200 Lewis Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada 89101 this Thursday morning, August 1st 2013. As the victim in this crime I will read my impact […]

  • HPT Founder, Rush Street Launch New Venture: Poker Night in America

    17 Jun 2013

    Chicago  – Rush Street Productions announced recently that it is launching a one-of-a-kind TV poker experience with its new televised poker series Poker Night in AmericaTM (PNIA).  PNIA is the brainchild of former Heartland Poker Tour co-founder, and current Rush Street Productions President, Todd Anderson.  Anderson recently partnered with Chicago-based Rush Street Gaming, one of […]

  • Opinion: Nevada Law to Allow ‘Entity’ Sports Betting Carries Some Risk

    12 May 2013

    Senate Bill 346 is looking like a favorite at the Nevada Legislature. The bill would allow investor groups to bet as a single entity much in the way hedge funds pool their money. Proponents of SB346 say it could bring millions of dollars in sports wagering to Nevada, money that now is bet illegally in […]

  • Sports book operator offers articulate argument against Senate bill

    21 Apr 2013

    As CEO of William Hill, Joe Asher is in the odds business. But I’m not sure he would put up a line on whether his sports book outfit will be allowed to continue to place satellite-betting kiosks in bars across the state. The spread of those kiosks will cease if Senate Bill 416 runs to […]

  • The Man Who Lost $127 Million

    14 Apr 2013

    Putting a 24-hour casino in every home comes with great responsibility. Ensuring a safe, responsible gambling experience should be of paramount importance. Online gambling companies talk incessantly about revenue, but it is everyone’s responsibility–from regulatory bodies to operators, from governments to the citizens themselves–to require that all proper consumer protections and safeguards are in place […]

  • Texas: Casino Gaming Should Be Our Choice

    28 Nov 2012

    Every legislative session, the issue of expanding gaming comes up for consideration, and every session it becomes the target of inflammatory rhetoric, propaganda campaigns, and back and forth struggles among different factions until it stalls somewhere in the legislative process. A dozen or more different bills may be offered, along with polls, sermons, editorials and […]

  • Let Texans Answer Our Own Gambling Question

    14 Oct 2012

    Our state was founded by men and women who exhibited fierce independence and self-determination. These values are manifested in our limited approach to state government and the belief that if you have a dream or an idea, Texas’ friendly business climate will provide the fertile ground to grow it. Over the past few years, Texas […]

  • The Ins and Outs of SuperPACs

    02 Feb 2012

    Dear dan, Below is our second DC Update for 2012 available exclusively to 2012 PPA members.  Because we’ve received so many questions from members about PokerPAC and how and why it’s important in our fight for the game we love, I’m providing this week’s DC Update with a bit of background on PACs generally, and […]

  • Not If, But How …

    26 Oct 2011

    As you know, the House Subcommittee for Commerce, Manufacturing, and Trade held a hearing [yesterday] examining the potential regulation of Internet gambling.  The hearing entitled, “Internet Gambling: Is There a Safe Bet?” called upon a variety of witnesses to discuss how best Internet gambling can be regulated in the U.S.  Among the witnesses was Poker […]

  • Feel the Shame

    02 Oct 2011

    Jesse May OP-ED It didnt’t really bother me when Poker Spot folded, because that guy had history. And I laughed about the money Aces Poker stole, because anyone who trusted them couldn’t ever spot a cheat. The Ultimate Bet scandal wasn’t really that surprising, as we’d heard stories about him for years. And it never […]