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All Gus, All the Time (Starting February 21)

by , Feb 5, 2009 | 9:18 am

I know what you’re thinking… I never see enough of Gus Hansen. I wish I could see videos of him going about his daily life. I miss Gus!

Okay, could be wrong on that, but Gus TV is coming to a computer near you anyway, beginning on February 21. It seems that the Great Dane has a side to him that he wants to show to the world and has created Gus TV for just that purpose. “Gus TV is for poker players, by poker players,” the front page of the website says. “When you watch, you support the making of a free poker TV channel.”

The first video will be the much-talked-about boxing match between Hansen and Theo Jorgensen, a fight that will take place live on Gus TV in Copenhagen on the same day as the final table of the EPT Copenhagen. The two will duke it out for 200,000 DKK, which is approximately $35,000 in U.S. buckaroos, though Hansen is so convinced of his physical superiority that he claims he will only accept $25K if he wins.

According to Casino City Times, the boxing match on February 21 will launch the online TV site, after which new content will be posted on a daily basis. Gus fans will see him at tournaments, discussing strategy, and hanging out with friends.

RE: Rousso Eliminated From Still in Sports Illustrated, Sorta

by , Jan 16, 2009 | 2:34 pm

Thanks to Gary Trask of Casino City Times, we have an update and some clarity on the all-too-important matter of Vanessa Rousso appearing in the upcoming swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated.

According to the article published today, Rousso will appear in the issue but, well…:

On Friday, Sports Illustrated Director of Communications Kelli Raftery explained the situation more clearly by saying that Rousso would be appear in the magazine, but not as a “featured model in the editorial portion of the magazine.” Instead, Rousso will appear as part of a PokerStars-sponsored “custom content” piece, which the online poker room paid for.

So, it’s a paid ad, but SI did the photo shoot. SI decided against featuring her with other models in the primary feature spread because “poker was not the direction it wanted to go in.” Interesting. Kinda a bummer, but still good to see that Rousso will make an appearance in the most popular Sports Illustrated issue of the year.

Rousso Eliminated from Sports Illustrated

by , | 8:11 am

Boys, the images in your minds of Vanessa Rousso in a swimsuit will have to be good enough. Gary Trask of Casino City Times reported yesterday that Sports Illustrated did the photo shoot but decided to leave her out of the swimsuit edition.

That’s cold, SI. Colder than it is today in North Dakota…cold.

Since Vanessa said that it was a good experience for her, those memories will have to suffice. And her renewed energy for poker this year might get her that big win on the felt in ’09.