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Breaking (2008) News: Nevada Edges out California

Final WSOP Standings (for last year)

by , May 31, 2009 | 3:16 pm

As we now reach a point in the WSOP where tournaments will be finishing every day, Pokerati’s WSOP World Standings will be back … tracking which nation-states are kicking the most arse. While we can expect the USA to dominate simply because of sheer numbers and home-field advantage, it should be interesting to see which other countries are here to show that poker in their motherlands has fully arrived. The UK, for example — with 26 final tables, 248 cashes, and $6.5million in take-home pay in 2008 — clearly knows what they’re doing, but they couldn’t close anything out to bring home a bracelet for the Queen. It was the Russians and Germans who made the most noticeable claims to poker dominance … but not before the Danes, exclamated by Peter Eastgate’s main event victory, stepped over all of them to say, “Our small socialist utopia will leave you drawing dead on the fjord. Fůgck the G-8 powers in poker!”

On the stateside front, Pokerati declared California the unofficial capitol of the poker world … but Cali blanked at the main event final table and Nevada had a redraw with WSOP-E — and sure enough, John Juanda et al successfully wrestled away the claim.

The final 2008 WSOP World Standings:

Bar Poker League Goes to Mexico

Why doesn’t this sound like a good idea?

by , Dec 15, 2008 | 1:16 pm

The World Poker Store announced the expansion of its Bar Poker League into Mexico with plans to host 40 free tournaments per week in or around Mexico City, beginning in February of 2009. Liga Mexicana de Poker is set to become the licensee of the Bar Poker League and manage the tournaments.

Other Bar Poker Leagues are set to begin in 2009 – China and Germany in January, The Netherlands in February. Those ideas sound great…but Mexico? Has someone missed the news recently about the LAPT’s rather serious problems with hosting a tournament in that country? Like when Mexican officials shut down the event without warning, refused to let the tournament resume despite talks between attorneys, and supposedly seized all of the production equipment that the government still holds nearly a week later… Sure hope someone lets the World Poker Store know about that little poker snafu south of the border.

Hold Your Lederhosen, PocketFives is Now Available in German

by , Jul 30, 2008 | 3:34 pm

Das könnte meine deutschen Freunde interessieren… launched its German-language site ( with news, a forum, and special promotions. Es ist wahr.

In the official press release, PocketFives co-founder Adam Small noted that the site hopes to expand the number of languages offered. (I vote for Italian, but I’m a little biased.) is home to 50,000 of the top online poker players in the world and quickly rose to the top after its launch in early 2005. Recently, the number of German members on the site has increased dramatically. Co-Founder Adam Small explains what German users can expect: “Our goal is to become more involved in the German poker community. We’re reaching out with a new German forum and poker strategy articles ( by some of the top poker minds on the planet.” Perhaps the most distinctive part of the experience is the exclusive promotions that are available to members of the site. Small comments, “We’re excited to be planning promotions just for the German-speaking community. Make sure to check out the new site for details.”

Since I made some German friends this summer at the WSOP, I thought I’d kiss up so I have a place to stay if I visit Germany share a little news from the good ol’ U.S.

Tao of Pokerati: Episode 10

by , Jun 18, 2008 | 9:03 pm

In this installment:

Dan pursues diplomatic ties with the nation of Hungary, why Pauly is the David Hasselhoff of poker blogging, and how it’s so nice to see the French and Germans working the poker beat in Euroharmony.

Episode 10: Eurotarded


Perspectives Weekly

by , Jan 7, 2008 | 12:35 pm

In this week’s episode:

New year… New music… New Graphics…
…and the same ol’ host, J. Todd. To celebrate the start of 2008 he makes a resolution to clean-up his potty mouth. Then, he tries to give away some cash! Watch and win with this weeks show!

Hollywood the Latest Victim of UIGEA?…
When the WTO gave Antigua the rights to profit $21 million a year at the expense of American intellectual property rights, a collective chill could be felt sweeping over Silicone Valley and the Hollywood Hills. There are some out there who believe that — if Hollywood suffers — they are getting just what they deserve!

What are those damned Germans up to Now?!
Last week we told you that Germany has decided to ban internet gambling as of January 1st, 2008. In a no shame attempt to protect their state monopoly, they don’t seem to care what the EU Court of Justice thinks. Now, they may have issues mounting from within, as several online gaming companies may be teaming up to go after them civilly. Where the hell where these guys and the will to fight when UIGEA rolled out?


Perspectives Weekly

by , Dec 28, 2007 | 5:32 am

In this week’s episode:

US / EU Deal has Serious Issues…

There are some in the European Union who are not at all happy with last week’s announcement of a deal to compensation over the online gambling ban. In fact, it looks like the US may have even mislead the EU on what the deal was about

This could help our industry stay on life support a bit longer… and we’re not dead yet!

Antigua gets $21 Million and Piracy Rights…

The World Trade Organization has decided to allow Antigua to recover $21 million in damages by violating US copyrighted products, just like the APCW predicted in November of 2006!

Antigua was asking for $3.4 billion, and the award is well below that. So can a measly $21 million make a difference at all? Maybe…

Germans Give EU the Finger…
Germany has decided to ban internet gambling as of January 1st, 2008. They say that they have to protect their monopoly, and they expect the EU Court of Justice to come after them… and they don’t care.