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WSOG Update

by , May 16, 2007 | 4:05 am

Textual conversation with Tom last night about Day 2 of the inaugural World Series of Golf:

Day 1 coverage here.

Dan: So how did it in today?
Tom: Got knocked out on the 19th hole
Dan: Did you cross the bubble and school phil Ivey?
Tom: Wil talk about it on sgow
Dan: Promise i an not smirking.
Tom: Thx

Not sure how to interpret this, really, but whether he’s got another tale of a pre-bubble bust-out or wants to moan about some obscure score-sheet snafu, it should make for good radio.

And speaking of … for those who aren’t subscribing, check out the Beyond the Table jukebox on the right, as there’s a new episode up — this one mostly about poker politics, palm trees, and pot. Duuude. Multi-faceted, to be sure.

UPDATE: You can also hear Tom explain why he drove to the WSOG on the current episode. Meanwhile, Phil Ivey arrived by helicopter. (Scroll down to very bottom.)

Update: WSOG – Balls in the air

by , May 14, 2007 | 8:08 pm

Text from Tom:

Won today

This means that Tom has defeated the other four players in his party, becoming one of the lucky few to advance to Day Two. According the the WSOG website, thirty of the 36 players advancing (One from each of the 36 groups) will receive $10,000, making this essentially a freeroll for our fellow Pokerati “blogger.”

36 Groups (5 players per group) capped at 180 players
One player advances from each group.

6 Groups (6 players per group)
One player advances from each group into the finals.
Thirty of the 36 players get paid $10,000 for advancing out of Day one into Day two.

1 Group (6 players)
Play for $450,000. Winner receives $250,000

A player only has to beat a maximum of 14 other players to win the event.

WSOG – Balls in the air!

by , | 1:59 pm

wsog.gifThe World Series of Golf commences today at Primm Valley. Our very own Donkey Bomber has paid the $10,000 entry to participate in the inaugural event that is being billed as “Golf meets Texas Hold’em.” The unique structure of this tournament places an equal emphasis on Golf skills and general gambling prowess, giving a career gambler like Tom a distinct advantage over much of the field. But he won’t be the only professional poker player to hit the greens today. Reports are that Phil Ivey, Phil Gordon, and Steve Dannenmann are also representing.

The WSOG will be aired on NBC on June 23rd and 24th.

From a phone call to Tom, just before the first round:

It’s been like a whirlwind the last couple of days. Meetings, gambling, parties. It’s a tough life, I tell ya.

F-You, Tom.

Pokerbabble to Go

by , Apr 13, 2007 | 5:08 pm

A new episode of (the new and improved!) Beyond the Table is up. We’re still tinkering with the technology you see on the righthand sidebar and below … so any functional usability feedback will be totally ignored because you are probably not smart and we’re tired of fucking with shit warmly received and carefully considered.

Beyond the Table – 4/11/07[display_podcast]

This week, you’ll get the clickable privilege of hearing, Tom, Karridy, and Dan enlighten you about:

Segment 1

  • Chris Moneymaker urinating during an interview
  • Covering the WSOP as a blogger / “working” the WSOP as a player
  • Getting stood up by Cash Poker, and other televised cardsy infomercials
  • World Poker Tour moves from Travel Channel to GSN.
  • Deal or No Deal strategy
  • ZeeJustin kicking simultaneous ass online by playing two tourneys at once
  • Criminal poker and the lack of recourse

Segment 2

  • Tom heading to Bellagio for the 5-star WPT Championship
  • The mathematics of buying in (or not) for $25k
  • California players vs. Arizona players
  • Poker strategy at The World Series of Golf
  • Tom grows up, technologicially speaking

Segment 3

  • One-name wonders in Poker (and Soccer)
  • while Tom takes a leak
  • Annette_15 — underage online PokerStars phenom, top-ranked online player in the world, and not seeing Gavin Griffin’s penis
  • Gavin Griffin wins the EPT Championship
  • Teaching Tom to use google to stalk Annette Obrestead
  • Males vs. Females online, and lack of interest in Dan’s proposed “Male Minority” tournament

Rumorati: Phil Ivey vs. Michael Jordan

by , Apr 10, 2007 | 5:05 am

Phil Ivey may be kicking poker-player butt on the golf course, but not so against everyone all the time. Just last week he was supposedly playing a rematch against NBA legend Michael Jordan (aka the Doyle Brunson of Basketball). Not sure where or who won how much this time, but just two weeks prior, the twosome were at it on a golf course in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico — according to a presumably reliable secondhand source — and Ivey lost $250,000.

One possibility is that Ivey sees golf-gambling with Jordan as a win-win … even if he loses on the links, Ivey’s having a good time with MJ while bilking him for all the knowledge, wisdom, and marketing genius that “the greatest” in a far-bigger-than-poker game might have to offer. That could be worth millions.

The other possibility, of course, is that Ivey is simply running the classic hustle on even richer guys who are more likely to pay up. (Also potentially worth millions.)

Re: Phil Ivey shakes down the Hendon Mob

by , Apr 9, 2007 | 1:43 pm

Negreanu’s take on the golfing event.

Phil Ivey Shakes Down the Hendon Mob 3/16/07

Phil Ivey Shakes Down the Hendon Mob

by , Mar 16, 2007 | 4:51 pm

In golf … not poker. Anyone watching semi-live poker on TV is aware that the pros have been joshing [tag]Phil Ivey[/tag] about his emerging prowess on the links. The snickers usually attached to the props now make a little more sense …

Here’s a seemingly reliable thread (and well-written recount by Blair Rodman) about a recent outing he had in Las Vegas with Hendon Mobster Ram Vaswani, phenom internet kid Eric Sagstrom (aka Eric 123), and Marc Goodwin, an accomplished poker Brit. Apparently Ivey ran a classic hustle on these guys, and as the story goes, Goodwin and Sagstrom stormed off the course, stuck $450k each … while Vaswani, a fellow Full Tilter, stuck out the beating for 18 holes, even though he knew way before then that he would end up owing Phil $900k.

Supposedly Ram didn’t have the cash readily available, so he worked out some sort of payment plan. No word on whether or not he’s being charged interest.

Now the debate on the forums is whether or not Ivey “cheated” by misreporting his golf abilities before the round started … or if gambling is simply gambling and Vaswani is the only guy who honorably handled his mistake of placing a big bet without doing proper research.

Here’s a story about Ivey running a similar golf-course hustle on Mike Sexton almost a year-and-a-half ago …

ALT HED: Ram Vaswani = Phil Ivey’s Beyotch?