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2011 WSOP Schedule Released

by , Jan 25, 2011 | 4:46 pm

The official 2011 World Series of Poker schedule has just been released, and there are a few juicy tidbits to discuss. The opening event this year will be a $25,000 heads-up tournament with 256 maximum entries (fyi, if they get there, the prize pool would be somewhere in the neighborhood of $6 million). The $2,500 10-game event later in the WSOP will now include Badugi, and we’ll see the return of a half Omaha-8/half Stud-8 tournament for all those who missed it.

The biggest revelation may be the extended late registration times. Players will be able to late register for tournaments for up to four hours after the start of an event, and the big question at hand will have to be, “How will this affect playing in multiple events for bracelet bets?” Right?


This Week’s Big Winners – January 25th

by , | 12:30 pm

Sorry for the delay folks, but, to put it simply, the amount of alcohol I had to intake to overcome the New York Jets’ loss on Sunday was probably enough to give even AlCantHang a hangover. But back to business, as Katkin pointed out below, there’s quite a bit of poker going on in the world right now.

Robert Frost once wrote about two roads diverging in a wood, but poker players had a much tougher choice, as the paths from the PCA branched out all over the world. Los Angeles, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and even Australia are the hosts to this week’s tournament schedule.

Aussie Millions (Melbourne, Australia)

It’s become an annual tradition for all of the Full Tilt sponsored players (and a few other big names as well) to head down under following the PCA. There’s another $100,000 event, the $10K Aussie Millions, and, new to this year’s event, a $250,000 single table tournament, with a winner-take-all first prize of $2 million.

The Main Event is just getting underway, but there’s already been plenty of action at the Aussie Millions. Their $100K event drew 38 players, and likely would have drawn a bigger crowd had members of Team PokerStars participated, but they made it a point to boycott this event in retaliation after no FullTilt players participated in the PCA $100k. This isn’t really the space for this discussion, but between the $100K boycotting and the head-to-head late night poker shows, it will be interesting to see how far this issue may go.

Getting back to the event at hand, the final table of six featured David Benyamine and Erik Seidel, amongst others. When the dust had settled, Sam Trickett had captured the title and the $AUD 1.525 million first place prize, beating out Englishman (and Brighton & Hove Albion football club chairman) Tony Bloom heads-up. [PokerNews]

WSOP Circuit – Choctaw (Durant, Oklahoma)

One of the stops that was added to the initial WSOP Circuit schedule was this one, in Durant, Oklahoma. It’s about an hour outside of the greater-Dallas area, so it was going to be very interesting to see just how many players would make the trip up for their $1,600 Main Event, and they certainly did not disappoint. 808 players generated a prize pool of almost $1.2 million, with a first place prize of $232,706.

Among the 81 players who cashed in this event were a Main Event winner (Berry Johnston), a runner-up (TJ Cloutier), and perhaps in the most interesting story, one other former Main Event final tablist in Richard Lee. Lee, who is from San Antonio, Texas, largely dropped out of the public eye after his Main Event finish in 2006, but had a very public incident in which he was charged with running an illegal gambling ring back in 2007. He did not spend any time in jail but gave up $2.2 million in a plea deal.

With a spot in the National Championship Freeroll on the line for just the winner in this event, there was even more value to be had for the winner. That lucky man was Huy (pronounced Wee) Nguyen, who defeated Traci Brown heads-up for the ring and the freeroll entry (and the cash, of course). In an interesting twist, the heads-up match was a real live Red River shootout, as Brown (who finished 12th in this year’s WSOP Ladies’ event) is from Austin, Texas while Nguyen hails from Norman, Oklahoma. No word on whether the crowd had more red or burnt orange. [WSOP]

LA Poker Classic (Commerce, California)

Likely the longest continuous poker series outside of the World Series of Poker, the month-and-a-half spectacle that is the LAPC is one of the most popular stops of the year. Because of its proximity to Los Angeles and Las Vegas, two of the most poker player populated places in the world, they draw quite a crowd for most of their events. As someone who has spent some time playing these events, you’ll inevitably find yourself at a table with JC Tran or Thor Hansen if you’re there long enough.

The initial event this year, the brainchild of Matt Savage, was a $300 tournament with $1 million guaranteed in the prize pool and $250,000 guaranteed to the winner. This was accomplished in large part to the 4 starting days and the opportunity to re-enter each day if you did not survive through the previous one.

California native Cory Nistler was the last man standing, taking home the quarter of a million dollar first prize as well as one of the craziest looking trophies you’ll ever see. [LAPC]


Action is underway at the WPT’s latest stop, the Southern Poker Championship in Biloxi, Mississippi, while the Borgata in Atlantic City is hosting the Winter Poker Open… After the performance of the brothers’ Mizrachi in this past year’s WSOP Main Event, we knew poker talent had to run in the family. Now we know which side, as Susan “MommaGrinder” Mizrachi Laufer took down over $4,000 for winning a tournament on Full Tilt Poker this past week.

Foxwoods Mega Stack Challenge XVIII Main Event Results

by , Dec 13, 2010 | 2:39 am

Michael Woods wins Mega Stack Challenge XVIII
Foxwoods WPT World Poker Room
photo courtesy of @WhoJedi,

Foxwoods Mega Stack Challenge XVIII -> Results
$1000+$100 (2-day) Main Event – 265 entrants

Prize Pool: $257,050 (guarantee was $100k)
Note: Final four made deal – $30k each; $20k to winner
Note: Then headsup made deal to chop

1st: $40,048 – Michael Woods (was $61,692)
2nd: $40,047 – David Espinola (was $36,244)
3rd: $30,000 – David Hickman (was $23,392)
4th: $30,000 – Brad McFarland (was $18,765)

5th: $14,394 – Mustapha Mouttaouakil
6th: $11,696 – LeAnn Anderson
7th: $9,768 – Robert Perry
8th: $7,969 – Carmel Cambareri
9th: $6,699 – Brian Lee
10th: $4,883 – Shawn Maillet

Minor League Final Table Live on in HD

Foxwoods Mega Stack Challenge XVIII Main Event Update

by , Dec 12, 2010 | 6:32 pm

I’m at the Foxwoods Mega Stack Challenge still, which is down to the main event final table. Pretty cool that you can see and hear what’s going on at the final table right now. The details on the players and what they’r fighting for is below.

Click “Watch LIVE Video” on the website.  There is optional new-and-improved HD video, live chat with the mods, chip counts/etc from @WhoJedi, and some occasional yammering from the guy responsible for recent hardware/software upgrades – @veeRob, Rob Perelman.

The cam is hooked up to a beam above the table, with a microphone duct-taped onto the felt next to the dealer’s right hand.  This is streamed to their site. Slickest part?  You can download the app to your Android or iPhone and watch the table there, as well as chat.

Players do really seem to dig being on camera, finding ways to sneak in front of it and streak wave to mom, and stress about the fact that they might be shifted out of the limelight when the tables are rebalanced.

The overall effect is very good.  The audio is clear enough that you can hear the table talk and under-the breath comments (and unfortunately so the chip clatter) quite distinctly. The video in HD mode almost gives enough resolution to zoom into the board cards. Players in the chat log frequently express that they want to know what the board reads.. but improvements for the much-requested “flop cam”, while possible, would potentially cause the Gaming Commission a bit of angina.  @veeRob wrangled a scrolling caption bar to the streaming video, which displays the current blinds/antes.

Both Jay and Rob will be bringing their tech to the  LA Poker Classic with TD Matt Savage in February, where they first introduced the cams last year.

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Foxwoods Mega Stack Challenge XVIII -> Final Table
$1000+$100 (2-day) Main Event
10 of 265 entrants remain

Level 23 -> Blinds/Antes: 4000/12,000-24,000
Ave Stack: 1,060,000

Prize Pool: $257,050 (guarantee was $100k)
1st: $61,692
2nd: $36,244
3rd: $23,392
4th: $18,765
5th: $14,394
6th: $11,696
7th: $9,768
8th: $7,969
9th: $6,699
10th: $4,883

Seating/Chip Counts
1. Robert Perry 1,034,000
2. Shawn Maillet 433,000
3. Le-Ann Anderson 895,000
4. Carmelo Cambareri 277,000
5. David Espinola 2,023,000
6. Mustapha Mouttaouakil 1,026,000
7. Brian Lee 1,006,000
8. Brad McFarland 2,406,000
9. David Hickman 805,000
10. Michael Woods 685,000

Online pros contemplate moving out of US

James Campbell weighs in on #reidbill blackout

by , | 12:38 pm

Foxwoods Poker Room resident media guy, and fellow churros lover, Jay “WhoJedi” Newnum took time during Day 1 of the Foxwoods Mega Stack Main Event to ask James “jcamby33” Campbell from Marlborough, MA just how he felt about the possibility of a #reidbill-induced blackout.

See what someone representing that elite minority of online players making the *serious moolah* has to say on the subject.


@WhoJedi: “Are you going to Canada for those fifteen months? What are you gonna do?”

jcamby33: “I talked to the wife about this the other night… we might have to rent a house in Aruba, or someplace tropical.”

Other notable east-coast interviews from Jay are with James Wood and with WSOP 2010 run-deep guy Ronnie Bardah.

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Possible Beneficiary of #reidbill Blackout?-> Foxwoods Poker Room

by , | 9:40 am

MASHANTUCKET, CT: Day 2 of the Mega Stack Challenge XVIII $1000+$100 Main Event begins started 11a EST/8a LV at the Foxwoods Casino here in Connecticut.  I’ve been (living) here at the casino’s Great Cedar hotel since last Friday, after Amtraking my way from DC->CT in the wee hours of the morning, just hours after WSJ announced the existence of #reidbill, whose fate is still yet to be decided in DC.

I’ve split my time mostly between watching the action from the media desk, and railing iPoker from afar via CSPAN2.  It’s occurred to me during my time here, that if #reidbill lives on to become law (or possibly if it does not and the DOJ decides to force the issue anyhow), this casino is exactly the type of entity best positioned to provide once work-a-day online players a comfortable home to grind out a living in New England.

In the event the blackout takes hold in a month or two, say around the beginning of February, iPoker players will need to find local places to play to make a living in live play for at least 15 months, according to the stipulations of the current bill.  Used to making their own schedules, working in their underwear the comfort of their homes, and getting a trillion hands per hour – the #reidbill refugees will be hungry for daily tournaments under -say- $300, satellites into bigger live events such as WSOP 2011, and cash action. Perhaps this even will spell the re-emergence of some sit-n-gos here.

What makes me say that Foxwoods would stand to benefit, in particular?  The tourney room.

Foxwoods WPT World Poker Room
(photo courtesy of @WhoJedi,

Foxwoods has a big|bad ~70 table WPT World Poker Room dedicated to tournament play. Cash games were in here once, and then it was home to some slot machines, before being revamped in September 1st of this year.

The tourney room just kinda a *nice place* to exist in. The ceilings are super high, with a lot of natural light coming into the room during the day, and groovy curvy illuminated panels above.  They don’t have table service for food, but there is a deli right behind near the sports book. There’s lots of room to walk between the poker tables, and plenty of displays used both for the clock and TV display.  Suggestion for improvement: get some throne-like chairs akin those used at the Golden Nugget poker room.

The location works well too -> after players bust out of the tournaments, they are be faced with these options.

1) Donk off a bunch of chips at the ~90 table cash room downstairs and hope to hit the huge big bad beat jackpot (quad 8s beaten)

2) Donk off a bunch of chips on the way out of the casino at SHAKE-BO! -> a craps-like table where people take turns activating a Trouble Bubble on ‘roids with pushbutton activators

At least the players would be able to do some of their work at home from their laptops.  The Foxwoods Poker Room uses the reservation system, allowing the players to lock up their seats online.

Foxwoods Mega Stack Challenge XVIII -> Day 2 Update
Starts at 11a EST/8a LV
$1000+$100 (2-day) Main Event
69 of 265 entrants remain [30 will cash]

Prize Pool: $257,050 (guarantee was $100k)
1st: $61,692
2nd: $36,244
3rd: $23,392

POI (Person-O-Interest):
Busted: Darvin Moon, Bernard Lee, James Woods (with interview)
In it: Spiros Mitrokostas, WSOP 2006 PLO final tabler – with 205k – midfield
Played other events: Ronnie Bardah, WSOP 2010 Main Event (24th)

Chip counts/seat assignments can be found here.

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Foxwoods Mega Stack Challenge XVIII Hosted by Darvin Moon

by , Dec 2, 2010 | 11:33 am

Darvin may have just-said-no to an invite to the WSOP final table this year, but that doesn’t mean his participation in poker tourneys is finito.

From the heartlands to New England, Darvin Moon has spent the latter part of 2010 running the tournament hosting circuit.  Hosting the Mega Stack Challenge XVII with Chris Moneymaker in August, and making two stops along the Heartland Poker Tour in Iowa/Michigan in the past month, Darvin will be hosting and playing in Foxwoods Mega Stack Challenge XVIII $375,000 Guarantee kicking off Saturday in Mashantucket, CT – not too far from Darvin’s homebase in Maryland.

Foxwoods Mega Stack Challenge XVIII
December 4-12, 2010

$500+$60 NLHE (2 day) -> $75k guarantee – 20k/50 min
$200+$30 NLHE Re-Entry (2 day, 4 flights 1A/1B) -> $100k guarantee – 8k/30 min
$100+$20 NLHE Deep Stack Special -> $10k guarantee – 15k/20 min
$125+$50+$25 NLHE Bounty Deep Stack-> $15k guarantee – 15k/25 min
$300+$40 NLHE (2 day) -> $75k guarantee – 15k/40 min
$1,000+$100 NLHE Main Event (2 day) -> $100k guarantee – 40k/50 min

Bernard Lee, the Foxwoods Poker Room spokesperson who TV-tabled the HPT Michigan Season Finale a couple weeks back with a 5th place finish, invited Pokerati along to catch the action.

Visit the for @WhoJedi‘s tournament coverage updates.
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HPT Championship Open Final TV Table Results

Michigan auto worker takes it down for $177k; Hamrick, Lee out 4th, 5th

by , Nov 22, 2010 | 3:45 pm

The HPT Soaring Eagle Six took to the TV felt circa 6:45p EST/3:45 LV last night.  There were a number of notables sweating this final table – Darvin and Wendy Moon were on the rail for the entire evening, and Scotty Nguyen made a (brief) appearance.

Though none of the eleven Season VI HPT Champs ran deep to the Six, many of them stuck around the extra night to sweat the final table including HPT POY Bryan Reisner, Las Vegas grinder Kimbo Ung, US Army Staff Sergeant Jason Fennel, aspiring American Idol singer Kurt Fraser, and an extremely personable Matt “MyTmase” Mason (who was diligently counting chipstacks all throughout Day 2.)

Here are the results:

HPT Soaring Eagle Season VI ->$1500 +$150 Main Event
1st: $176,865 Ahmed Harajli
2nd: $88,434 Joey Brown
3rd: $53,060 Jordan Rowan
4th: $41,269 Dean Hamrick
5th: $35,374 Bernard Lee
6th: $29,478 Chuck Earl

The taping of the final table lasted about 5 hours. Chuck Earl was the first to exit the taping area when Dean Hamrick’s big slick & ace-on-the-river combo beat Earl’s Queens.  Pros Dean Hamrick and Bernard Lee busted out 4th and 5th place, respectively.  Early on, Bernard went on a heater, shoving four consecutive times, while everyone folded and urged him to knock it off until on the last hand he showed kings.

Cowboys were not good to him in the endgame – he took a particularly nasty beat when his pockets fell short to 10s, when the case 10 hit the turn (another player revealed after the hand he was holding the other out), ending his tournament life.  Shortly thereafter, Hamrick ran his 33s into QQs, leaving him on the shortstack.  In the next hand, he pushed allin with K-rag vs. AQ, but it did not get there, and he left with fourth place money.

I happened upon the pair conversing during the break just after Lee’s shove-shove-shove-and-shove fest at the FT.

Here is the link to the interview where they discuss running deep together in the $1500 2010 WSOP Main Event where Hamrick won his first bracelet->| ESPN Inside Deal Host Bernard Lee and Dean Hamrick Square Off at Heartland Poker Tour TV Table

Jordan Rowan cashed out soon after at 3rd, leaving headups to Joey Brown and Ahmed Harajli.  I’m interested to watch the broadcast of this matchup, because without seeing the hole cards, it still was more entertaining to me than watching the Duhamel-Racener matchup streaming on XBox Live. In the end, Joey went all in shortstacked with K5 against Ahmed 10s.  Ahmed’s hand held up, making him champ of the HPT Season VI Finale, surviving a field of 413 players.

Maria Ho and Tiffany Michelle, patched in UB, presented the Michigan native with his $176,865.  I overheard the floor saying that Ahmed, showing some real class, requested to donate a portion of his winnings to the Disabled American Veterans charity.

Heartland Poker Tour Season Finale Main Event Day 1 Update

Day 2 begins as Tiffany Michelle, Bernard Lee, Maria Ho run deep; Nguyen, Moon busted

by , Nov 21, 2010 | 7:56 am

Day 1 of the Heartland Poker Tour “Championship Open” $1500 +$150 Main Event tagged-and-bagged @ around midnight at the Soaring Eagle Casino in Mt. Pleasant, MI with 60 players remaining of the original field of 413 (*huge* for HPT.)  This is the finale for season VI of the TV show, and tour regulars comment that it is by far the most star-studded event in their history.

There were five notable pros playing the Main, who attending the PPA-sponsored charity bounty tourney benefiting the Disabled American Veterans on Thursday.

Tiffany Michelle & Maria Ho = future USO?

@TheScottyNguyen was the first of them to fall on D1, with his aces cracked in Level 6 (see|bustout interview vid.)  Darvin Moon’s 99’s pre-flop shortshack jam fell to 77’s set late in Level 11.  @TiffnyMichelle and ESPN Poker’s @BernardLeePoker are healthy; @MariaHo has just over 10BBs.

Play for D2 resumes shortly after 10a EST/7a Vegas today at L13 (40 min levels), playing to 6.  The final TV table of the “HPT Six” is scheduled to begin taping @ 5p EST/2p Vegas.

POI (person-o-interest) Chip Counts:

Tiffany Michelle: 162.5k
Brandon Dosch: (HPT Champ & POY Contender): 162.5k
Matt Alexander: (HPT Champ & POY Contender): 136.5k
Bernard Lee: 118k
Maria Ho: 68.5k

Average Stack = 103,250
Big Stack ~ 230k

Day 2 -> L13 Antes/Blinds = 500/3k/6k

Cash bubble @ 41 players today, and the winner will take down an estimated ~ $177k. (hey, I’m not @KevMath y’all, even *inside* the tourney room.)

Follow @TiffnyMichelle, @BernardLeePoker, @MariaHo for table-twitfeed.
Follow me @scarlet_lv today for live-tweets from the rail.

(Just Outside) The Tournament Circuit – November 16

by , Nov 16, 2010 | 10:02 am

NAPT :: Day 3 brought us down to 19 players and there are still a lot of known dangerous players in the field heading into Day 4. Jason Mercier, Matt Affleck, Michael Binger, and Anh Van Nguyen are all still in the running to become the first (and maybe only?) NAPT LA champion. A detailed chip count is available as well as a seat draw for the 4th day of competition. There is more going on today than in the past few for the NAPT as well. The $5000 Bounty Shootout is going to take place at the Crystal Casino in Compton (yes, you read that right). Turns out if you want to televise anything, you can’t do it at the Bike because the WPT has a lock on that sort of thing. Which makes the next bit of information all the more interesting. It was revealed (or at least people finally noticed) that the final table will be filmed for ESPN from the Crystal Casino as well. Oh, and these televised events will be airing in December, 3 hours for the bounty shootout and 1 hour for the main event final table.
At first glance, Stars appears to be dropping the ball consistently with the NAPT, is it birth pangs or a resignation that they just wont be getting very far with this tour? Time will tell, but for now action in this event will restart, once again, at 1PM PST.

Scenes from a Poker Peek Room

Embedded with the HPT TV production crew

by , Nov 8, 2010 | 1:21 pm

TAMA, IOWA–I was dressed in TV-crew ninja wear (head-to-toe-black) in the “peek room” of the Heartland Poker Tour as the final table of the Main Event was being filmed last night. This area is where the pre-production of the popular poker show happens, behind the TV set/final table. The producer, Fred Bevill, communicates with the floor director, who controls the action at the table, and several computer monitors are set up to show the hole cams, and a birds-eye view of the board.

But (really) all I wanted to do to get a look at a live hole cam feed.

And just so you know…there is absolutely no mocking of play going on here, but wtf was he thinking shoving with a K-3 off ?! One of the views shown is a not often used used “rabbit hunt” camera, where the dealer can opt to flash the remaining board cards in big hands that don’t go to the river.

The players remain miked up throughout the entire final table taping, and the feed’s broadcast in the peek room — even on breaks in the bathroom, where it’s sometimes impossible for the guys in the peek room not to mock the action they’re listening in on.

Darvin Moon Declines WSOP Invite to November Nine

Opts instead for HPT-Iowa main event satellites, steak

by , Nov 6, 2010 | 1:50 pm

TAMA, IOWA–The poker world is communing en masse at the Penn & Teller Theater in Vegas throughout the weekend — if not in real-life then via Twitter and/or ESPN3.  But one person not taking part in the festivities is November Nine alum Darvin Moon.

“I have no reason to be out there,” says Moon. “I’m not playing.”  But that doesn’t mean that the WSOP didn’t want last year’s runner-up to be there, front and center. In fact, according to one conversation I eavesdropped on between Darvin and a Heartland Poker Tour in the hotel lobby, Harrah’s practically begged him to attend the event.  He declined, and instead is here at the Meskwaki Bingo Casino in Iowa with the “real people” of poker.

I caught Darvin on vid late last night, filming from the ten seat of his tourney table.  He was on break, well on the road to successfully satelitte-ing into the HPT Main Event, which starts today.  Here are some snippets from our table talk:

Q: World Series offered for you to come to the taping of the November Nine, correct?
A: Yeah they called and invited me out, but I refused. Watching poker, without playing, is like watching paint dry.

Q: And that’s why you played the Main Event this year at the Series?
A: I play for the money. The bracelet don’t mean nothing to me. I’m after the cash.

Q: I saw you playing over at the 1/2 tables. How’d you do?
A: I got my ass beat. You got any money, and you play me in cash, you’re gonna get it.


BJ & the Redhead with 10 Minutes and an iPad

by , Oct 18, 2010 | 11:03 am

My goodness, how many new poker (and non-poker) internet shows can there be … it’s like everyone in the world has a built-in laptop cam and a connection to the internet!

But this new venture from a couple of Poker Beat cohorts on the tournament coverage frontlines could actually do it for me, as I can’t think of a more morning-friendly way to find out all I need to know about WPT-Bellagio/Festa as it nears the money bubble. It’s like Regis & Kelly for poker junkies in a G4 generation.

Topics of the day include Allen Kessler, Phil Ivey, Annette Obrestad, and Matt Affleck … but really, it’s way more fun that that. 🙂

HPT-Shooting Star Main Event Kicks off in Minnesota

Registration open; Raymer playing two-day tourney

by , Oct 16, 2010 | 1:55 pm

After a night of partying and after-partying with the Heartland Poker crew, pretty excited to be celebrating their fifth anniversary, I am reporting (barely a)live from the two-day $1100 main event at the Shooting Star Casino at Mahnomen, MN.  I’d rather be playing with @FossilMan, but my AK (er.. offsuit) short-stack jam didn’t hit vs 99 in a $250 Qualifier satellite.

Registration opened @ 2pm CT (noon Vegas-time).  Cards get in the air shortly @ 4pm CST/2pm LV.

Play starts with a chip stack of 15000, with blinds at 100-100.  Levels are 40 minutes.

Day 1 will play to the completion of 12 levels or after the bubble breaks, whichever comes first.  Day 2 will begin @ 10am CST/8am LV.  The final table will be televised.

Follow me on my cross-country poker road trip @scarlet_lv, with live-tweeting  from @HPTpokertour‘s Shooting Star Casino main event.

(Way Outside) the Tournament Circuit – Sept. 30

by , Sep 30, 2010 | 5:54 pm

EPT London :: A UK record field of 848 players took part in the £5,000 Main Event, with 128 players making the money, as the winner earns £900,000. The leader after the two day 1’s have been played is Claudio Cecchi with 237,500 in chips. Other notables returning for day 2 at 12pm London time Friday: Barry Shulman – 129,200, Daniel Negreanu – 122,000, Phil Ivey 117,900, Joe Hachem 108,400, Greg Raymer – 105,200, Boris Becker – 94,700, John Juanda – 71,400 and Ivan Demidov – 65,000. Full chip counts for both days are available at PokerNews and the PokerStars blog as well as live updates.

LA Poker Open, Commerce Casino :: The latest tournament series at the Commerce Casino runs Nov. 3-21, running against the NAPT at the Bike. The LAPO’s main event is a $2,085 NL event, w/ re-entry and a $500,000 guarantee LA Poker Open schedule