Who’s Going to the World Series?

by , Jun 26, 2006 | 11:56 am

Reggie Perry and trophy. / Jennifer Browning PhotographyReggie Perry, that’s who. Congratulations to “Sarge” for winning the Lodge TOC. It was a good match … the whole of which turned on one significant hand … when Greg Miles pushed in with his AJ on the button, only to run into Sarge’s AQ in the big blind.

The victory was also made more difficult by increasing rowdiness at the final table … which may or may not have had to do with all the drinks ingested by the railbirds, at least one dealer, a couple remaining players, and maybe one Tuaca-y tournament director. A few early elims also figured out that acting gay is a great way to get girls to take their clothes off (while others learned it just makes you look more gay).

Regardless … because of his excellent card-catching and estimable chip-stack-management abilities, we’re sending Reggie to the WSOP, where he will competitively represent in a $1,000 event.

Click below to see the final-table results:

10th — Steve Grieshaber
9th — Michael Tiegs
8th — Kenneth “Comcast” McCoy
7th — Scott Fischman Paul Barrett
6th — Burton Combes
5th — John “Man Show” Manby
4th — Torrey Schoel
3rd — B. Armendariz

2nd — Greg Miles

Reggie Perry
1st — Reggie “Sarge” Perry

photos by Jennifer Browning

2 Comments to “Who’s Going to the World Series?”

  1. Ed

    Congrats Reggie! Oh and you are welcome. I am sure my last 1200 in chips helped ya get there! 🙂


  2. Don

    Congrats Reggie! See you in Vegas!