Clonie in Maxim

by , Jul 5, 2006 | 8:51 pm

LAS VEGAS–Went to a little party last night in the Full Tilt suite — very nice place. The free booze, bracelet showcase, and Mike Matusow are admirable, to say the least. The occasion was to celebrate Clonie’s appearance on the “cover” of Maxim‘s July issue.

According to CardPlayer, it was a “cover shot and centerfold” in a special edition of Maxim. According to Pokerati (and the actual pages it was printed on) it was a “special advertising section” — meaning Full Tilt ponied up some big bucks to turn Clonie into masturbatory fodder for teenage boys the Farrah Fawcett of Poker.

(By the way, if anyone out there would like to transcribe her interview — it really is good — Full Tilt PR has given me the go-ahead to post.)

The above photo comes from a larger-than-life banner hanging up in the Full Tilt suite. You know the best thing about that shot? No, it’s not come-hither look nor the devil-may-care attitude about chips as she lies on a table … it’s the hand she’s holding. Check it out … I think she’s sending me a message!

You see, way back when, I asked her to do me a favor … “Never let some photographer pose you holding a royal flush,” I begged. Not only is it the most cliche shot in poker, but also it’s unrealistic. Who cares how you play your royal flush on those super-rare occasions when you get one? I explained to her that it would be a much more respectable photo shoot were she holding something like a full house, like maybe Queens-full-of-Kings … or better yet, Aces-full-of-Queens. After all, that’s the kinda hand she makes her living on.

So take a close look … whaddya see? That’s right: Q-Q-A-A-A.

Thanks Clonie. I, of course, feel the exact same way. (However, I do wonder if we should be a little concerned that the boat she’s showing includes two aces of clubs.)

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  1. CmeTilt

    I read the issue and the article. They had the airbrush working in that spread. Hot, nonetheless.

    Still very doable.