Octagon Poker

by , Jul 19, 2006 | 2:26 am

LAS VEGAS–Over at PokerBlog Tuscaloosa Johnny and I have had some interesting discussion about various rules of the game. And today I got into it quite a bit with a guy who sat down at my $2/$5 table.

He was a skinny old man who looked like he belonged in the movie Jaws, or had just come from the boxing gym. He was wearing gray sweats and an Everlast skull cap. He put his chips in the pot with forceful vengeance. During one hand (in which I was not involved), he moved all-in, and another guy called. With the board all out, neither man would show his cards.

“You have to show,” I said. “He called you.”

“No I don’t,” he said. “I moved all-in on the turn.”


The dealer reaffirmed that the last aggressor had to show his cards first. “You see, he’s basically paying for the right to see your cards,” I tried to explain.

“Well if that’s how they do it here … I’ve never seen it that way anywhere else.”

“I’m pretty sure it doesn’t make a difference if you make your last bet on the turn or river or pre-flop,” I said, “But I could be wrong.”

“You are wrong,” he sneered.

Hmm. “I’ll bet you $5 I’m not.”

“Well you’re obviously right if you ask them here.”

“OK,” I retort, “I’ll wager $20 that Robert’s Rules of Poker says so!”

“There’s no such thing as Robert’s Rules of Poker,” he growled back.

“I’ll bet you $100 there is!”

He shuts up, as do I, feeling probably too self-satisfied.

NOTE TO SELF: Dan, you are crumbling in the cash games — ever since you started telling everyone how you hadn’t lost in them. Take a couple days off, find some tables away from the Rio, and revert to straight-up play.

NOTE TO BATFACES: How am I doing on the Schlogger in my absence?

One Comment to “Octagon Poker”

  1. Monster

    Karl’s rules on Poker
    1. Mean people suck! Nice people suck out!
    2. Bad beats don’t pardon abusing other players or dealers.
    3. Players are no longer allowed to limp in with 4s5c, flop a boat, and claim that they are good players.
    4. If you play trash and get “sucked out on” then you deserved it. “DON’T WHINE”
    5. You aren’t putting anyone on TILT by belittling their play, dress, bankroll, or looks.
    6. Only Doyle and “Robert” make the rules so if you aren’t one of them shut up and try to learn something.

    Sometimes it is better to stack an a-hole’s chips on front of you than waste your breath.