Dallasy Update

by , Aug 6, 2006 | 12:18 am

LAS VEGAS–By the numbers, we don’t have many … but there are a couple Dallas guys moving deeper into the money:

Matt Wilson (the former dealer) took a slight hit but is still in fine shape — in 13th chip position with $1,000,000.

Whitney Blanton, noted quality 5/10 cash game player, apparently just doubled up. He’s still pretty short stacked with $135k.

Will try to get pictures … but it’s getting near impossible to get near the action, so hopefully they’ll make it to the final three tables where it turns into a media free-for-all.

UPDATE: Wilson just picked up a big pot — +$300k — so apparently he is playing some poker.

I suspect Whit is just patiently (desperately?) waiting and waiting to move all-in, because blinds are eating and he still has to wait out the elimination of another 40+ players to move up an additional $5k in payout.


One Comment to “Dallasy Update”

  1. Bossman

    GO MATT!!!!
    I know you got what it takes!