Leave it to a hoser to have some sack

by , Oct 3, 2006 | 2:28 pm

nullFinally, Negreanu speaks to the new gambling law, and like I was expecting, it is a virtual “fuck you and the unenforceable horse you rode in on, eh.” Interesting for two reasons: (1) points out that, hey, if you’ve got money in there already, you can certainly at least play until that’s gone; and (2) implicitly suggests where there is a will, there’s a way.

4 Comments to “Leave it to a hoser to have some sack”

  1. LAYGO

    Well, I guess I shoulda read this. So anyone wanting to play in a few weeks will have to fund their accounts now & hope variance doesn’t kick in now.

  2. DanM

    You know, that suggests a pretty simple workaround: Win money. Transfer it to another player not in the U.S. Have said foreign player withdraw money. Send it back to you via PayPal or whatever.

    I sense a business opportunity. Note: Pokerati is now taking ads for “poker pen pals.”

  3. Bob

    And it can’t run afoul of money laundering laws, because the law did not define what “illegal internet gambling” was. So, good luck proving that you are diverting “illegal activity” funds to “legal” form.

    Negreanu’s site is absolutely correct. “We ain’t in the U.S., a-holes, your ‘law’ can’t be applied to us, so kiss our shiny metal ass…” (sorry, just finished watching Futurama… gotta luv Bender)

  4. GaryK

    American have a tradition of ignoring laws we don’t agree with. Speeding is a lesser example. Then of course there’s Prohibition. And Congress has a fine tradition of passing laws that don’t really do anything but then the Reps. consider a problem handled and move on to not doing something about something else.