Austin poker room hit by robbers, then cops

by , Nov 29, 2006 | 3:23 am

Sweet Texas Jimmy’s report:

one of the underground rooms I play in in Austin was robbed 2 nights ago by two gangstas with a pistol and a shotgun. they took all of the cash and players wallets. The guys who ran the room called the police, who came to investigate. They found all the tables and chips and books/markers for players, and confiscated all their shit, including tables, chips, and plasma tvs. no arrests were made.

That’s all we know for now … will try to get more details. I do know that Texas’ non-Dallas poker scenes are reportedly continuing to boom — and as these games mature, they’d be smart to learn some lessons from Dallas, which has already had its share of robberies, shootings, police raids, and WSOP final tables.

UPDATE: It was a fresh, friendly game in North Austin. They ran 1/2 NL three nights a week in a small apartment. A lot of Gen-Y kids mingling with the wealthy-donkey Gen-X North Austinites. The robbers knocked on the door, said something akin to “Charlie sent me” … and the manager noticed one of the guns and tried to slam the door shut, but the bad guys were able to overpower him and bust in before he could latch the deadbolt.

This game had no security guard or security cameras.

4 Comments to “Austin poker room hit by robbers, then cops”

  1. jackietrehorn

    hint as to which game?
    no names, but location?
    north, south, lat/long

  2. sweet texas jimmy

    As a result, security has become an issue in Austin games. There was a lot of talk last night in another Austin game about what needs to be done to beef up security measures. Most of these Austin games are in peoples apartment, and they have no cameras. There is talk at some rooms about hiring a security guard to sit outside in a car or linger around to monitor who comes in. Everyone there was robbed… Lesson Learned: Dont bring your wallet to a poker game.

  3. jackietrehorn

    That’s all I need. Crap my pants as some mindless gangsta gun slinger robs a fresh-friendly poker game! I think I will take a vacation from local games for a while.

  4. stern jackson

    There is a game we go to that is very secure and is very safe. The guy that runs it has hidden cameras w/ guards outside the parking lots. His residence is in a well lit gated community. He is very picky about his players and the games are great. his email is