Re: Tilt Personified

by , Jan 31, 2007 | 6:15 pm

Speaking of crazy … they’re going a little poker nuts in Russia. Quick story about a player who allegedly used his wife as a rebuy. Not sure what the table stakes were for Andrei Karpov vs. Sergey Brodov, but you gotta think there couldn’t be a cash equivalent Tatiana Karpov-Brodov if they were playing any smaller than 2/5.

(Interesting picture they chose to illustrate this lore, too, no?)

ALT HED: Indecent Disposal

And yo, Tom, this illustrates that point you were talking about last week on “Beyond the Table” (segment 3)… how people tend not to play well after losing more than two buy-ins.

And wow, holy bad connections and terrible segue … but don’t forget to tune in tonight to Hold’em Radio at 7 pm central.

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It’s all related to something.

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