Too Hot for Poker TV

by , Apr 20, 2007 | 2:49 pm

Over at The Agitator, they’ve got a firsthand account from someone mis-arrested during the June Aces raid. (Thanks, Jason, for the link.) If you recall, that was the poker room busted in cahoots with the A&E network … only to have the tapes from that episode of Dallas SWAT mysteriously disappear.

Bear in mind that, prior to police entering, the place was virtually quiet. There was the sound of poker chips in the air, but not much else. The players were essentially professionals and working stiffs having fun…there were doctors, lawyers, accountants, and other professionals. There was hardly anything “dangerous” about the place at all. In fact, the cops found no weapons in the facility or on anyone there. The show of force and weaponry brought by the cops was simply outrageous and unjustified, given the circumstances, but, then again, are they enforcing the law or making a TV show?


Despite the abject mistruths in the police report, I was still confident the tapes would help me. We finally got our subpoena response. Guess what? According to Granada Entertainment, there wasn’t any videotape of the event. All of the tapes had been recorded over, and there simply wasn’t any tape available. Two camera crews and helmet cams on the SWAT guys and not one single inch of tape existed.

It’s a lengthy report, but definitely worth the read (especially if you happen to have a poker case pending) — particularly because this guy had nothing to do with poker … he was simply helping out in the kitchen because the main food lady had an injured hand. Even as a non-poker player, this guy was able to call down the Assistant District Attorney on his bluff (literally!) when he said during the plea bargain that they had video of the defendant at the tables.

All charges ended up being dropped (even the ones for possession of marijuana and a pipe, which were actually found on him) — as has been the case for all poker cases where defendants have insisted on a jury trial.

No word on whether or not any charges will be filed against the the city of Dallas or agents of Granada Entertainment (the forces behind Dallas SWAT) for destruction of evidence, or perhaps more aptly, lying about destruction of evidence.

Go Poker!

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5 Comments to “Too Hot for Poker TV”

  1. Scott Chaffin

    I’m pretty sure I predicted this. If I didn’t, I was thinking it.

    I wish good lawyers didn’t make so GD much money, or we might be able to pursue this. Instead, they’re all sitting around their country-club cardrooms, wonderfully safe from harrassment and not the least bit interested in helping out the little guy.

  2. Zero

    Has there been a even a single conviction from any of the dallas raids from the past year or so? Has anyone even made it to court?

  3. DanM

    Just for the defensive record, TFG, I know of one GD money-making lawyer who likes to donk it up in the safe confines of a country club locker room … and while he may be “too busy/important” to represent defendants on Class C misdemeanor charges, he did pony up the first 4-figure donation to the Texas Poker PAC, which essentially was seed money that helped lead to HB 3186.

    As for the rest of those lawyer types — including guys in my home game — yeah, they pretty much suck.

  4. Zero

    Also, after reading this guys story, it seems to go directly against what the DPD said the other day after the recent raids about enforcing all the laws on the books and what not. If there are no convictions and nothing is sticking to anyone, it seems its pointless to continue the raids when there are worse crimes being committed that turn into convictions everyday.

  5. Aces

    Good job on your case, bro, I’m proud of you. Thanks for the update.