WSOP Day One

by , Jun 2, 2007 | 10:30 am

LAS VEGAS–It wouldn’t be a large venue if everything ran smoothly. You know, more cooks in the kitchen spoil the broth. Did I just make another kitchen comment? I gotta get out there.

The line to register for today’s event ($1500 NL Holdem) snaked through the ropes, left the Amazon Room, turned the hallway and ended past the bathrooms way down the way for the twelve hours I was there. In other words…the line was much, much longer than the previous two years. So long in fact, that I and several other pros are not playing simply because we didn’t want to wait to register. The satellite lines were shorter but still quite a wait.

Yesterday’s hot topic was the new Bicycle playing cards. The nines and sixes looked the same. Not only did you need a monocle to read the tiny number on the top corner but you had to read the large numbers in the middle section of the card on the board simply because that’s what was visible. So it was like playing with two different decks of cards. Oh, and Jeffrey Pollack’s name on the back side of the card…was mispelled. Did that confuse you? That was the point because now you know how it truly felt to play with those cards.

I also had the chance to spend some time with the WCP boys. They are totally the guys you would want to bring home to mom a bunch of wild, rude, crude womanizers.

David Levi has made the final TV table for the Mandalay WPT main event.

Finally, I got a chance along with Tiffany Michelle to interview some players for

6 Comments to “WSOP Day One”

  1. Lavigne in Austin

    a natural

  2. Fresh Princess

    Ha! Thanks to you for sending me to Austin…

  3. Hungerfan

    For those people that have not seen the new cards….here is an image put on the site somewhere and I ran across it in a forum.


  4. Fresh Princess

    Thanks for the image Ed. Can you believe that? And just off the phone with Chops from WCP and he said those cards are back in the tournament today after they swapped them out yesterday at break two. I assume it’s because of the large turn out and they don’t have enough decks yet.
    Bottom line…it’s difficult to play with bad sporting equipment.

  5. Ed

    i think people just want to find stuff to complain about. sure they look a little weird and can cause issues but if you pay enough attention you can tell which is a 6 and which is a 9. last time i was in school six diamonds meant there were 6 of them. i just don’t see why you would change the things for a big event like this.

    oh and i guess i am not getting it because i have not spent $1K+ to enter a tournament with these cards being used.


  6. Fresh Princess

    Yes, they are fine if you:
    1. pick up your hole cards in the air so you can look at the big numbers rather than the tiny number in the corner.
    2. see if you can have them enlarged and on a monitor close to your face.

    Sure you can count the diamonds in the middle, but you shouldn’t have to, especially when your counting pot odds, tells and deciding what to do.
    Pokerpages has a better photo but I couldn’t, er, don’t have time to find it. You have to sit down and play with the cards. Even the 2-5 cash game players were freaking out.