What’s a brotha gotta do (Part 2) feat. Julie Schneider

by , Jul 4, 2007 | 9:08 pm

Who is Tom Schneider?In my last post on this subject, HERE, I was bitching about what I felt was inexcusable *coverage* by PokerNews’ “low-ranking, fresh-out-of-college interns”, as Dan Michalski described them in a very poor, and a bit unflattering, attempt to counter. He went on to explain that the cheap, inexperienced labor should not be expected to know all of the players in any given event. Dan, I agree 110%. But being able to identify the current top-ranked WSOP player and the only 2007 double bracelet winner should be a bit of a prerequisite for obtaining a media pass. BJ Nemeth also commented, a little more productively, stating “If the junior reporters are missing someone like this, we *would* like it brought to our attention”. He also invited me in on the efforts, saying “tell me, or Pauly, or whoever, and we’ll get it done.” Hmm. Ok. The critic in me gives PokerNews a failing grade on day-1 coverage, which BJ would later talk into a B+ based on customer service. I might have upgraded them to an “A”, but as this is being written, Tom is still without a chip count update for Day 1 of Deuce to Seven. But hey, least he’s listed.

[Ed. Note: They found him while Karridy was writing.-DM]

I start my day today by looking forward to the last WSOP Player of The Year point awarding event, hoping that my good friend Tom Schneider is able to keep Lessandro, Hellmuth, and the other POTY hopeful hounds at bay. Tom’s wife, Julie, is home in Arizona doing the same. I typically only get calls from Julie when Tom is doing great and can’t talk, or busted out and doesn’t want to. So, I was not crazy about seeing her name come up on my phone that early in the day.

“Karridy, I’m so freaking pissed right now. I’m just soo… I’m just sick of it!”

Below are the results of my request that Julie put her feelings in print. It should be known that Tom had caught wind of Julie’s intent to provide me this to post and he tried to talk her out of it. Sorry, dood. I’m thinking he hates the nametag too.

Julie Writes:
Maybe I don’t know a whole lot about poker ( I’ve only been in the business as a player and dealer for 24 years). But it seems to me that winning 2 bracelets in a single World Series is a pretty big deal. Apparently I am wrong, because when I surf the internet searching for coverage of my husband, Tom Schneider 2007 WSOP double bracelet winner, I get nothing! Coincidentally, he is also the points leader for the coveted title of player of the year. Yet, nothing.

Anyway, today as I’m sweating the Deuce-to-Seven Single Draw event ($5k w/ 5k Rebuys), I finally strike gold! Poker Pages posts a great picture of Tom sitting between John Juanda and Gavin Smith. But wait a minute they don’t mention Tom. Of course they do brag about Juanda’s 7th place finish and Smith’s 2nd. But not a word about Tom’s two 1st place finishes! (not to mention a 4th as well , 3 final tables so far)

Gavin and John
Check it out at PokerPages.com

Who are these people doing the blogging? Isn’t their job to know who the bracelet and money winners are? At least they should know who the players at the top of the leader board for POTY are. Oh and by the way, only seven players in the entire series can even challenge Tom for the title. Five of them must win a bracelet, one needs to come in 8th or higher and the other has to finish 5th or better. And of those five, only three of them are even in this event, which is the final event for the points race. Isn’t that news-worthy? Perhaps I am expecting too much. But I will tell you that this slight accidental or otherwise inept reporting is a crying shame. Tom has grinded his way to the top, playing on his own money. He is a decent, stand-up guy, and one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. (Not so easy for me to admit to, being as I’m his wife and like to give him a hard time, but absolutely the truth, nonetheless) Tom is so completely opposite from most of the crass, degenerate poker players out there. And finally at the point in his poker playing career where he deserves the respect and recognition of the poker community. I say shame on all of you out there who haven’t done your jobs and taken the time to find out who Tom Schneider is. This is, sorry to say, a classic case of the nice guy finishing last.

Yes, the above is a biased rant, and even she won’t argue that. But Julie’s points are very valid, nonetheless. If Tom keeps his POTY ranking intact, the nice guy will finish first this time. It’s just too bad that nobody will be there to report on it.

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  1. DanM

    Karridy, your man-love for Tom is endearing. Your other points are well-taken … but be a little forgiving when they don’t find a player in the first few hours of a tourney. Not only is a lot of stuff irrelevant that early on, but also it takes time for the human beings tracking the event to see who’s where.

    That’s all. Change100 is all over Tom in the 2-7 now that it has gotten interesting.

  2. Karridy

    It took him breaking the Top 5 to get ink, but that’s understandable. The PokerPages crap is a joke, period. Julie and I aren’t bitching about a single incident. We are talking about the poor quality coverage in general, by all sites. This minimum wage approach to reporting doesn’t work. I know you have your *other* friends to protect, but I’m not really talking about them. They are bloggers and know their shit. They are held back for Day-3 stuff, and they should be.

    I know a journalist prefers to be putting others’ feet to the fire, but we all get our turn. And my attempt is pretty much across the board. If you or anybody else takes personal offense to this, you might consider a career change.

  3. DanM

    Fair enough. This actually taps into an issue of the World Series of Poker trying to control the coverage, and the weakness/greediness of sites willing to pay Harrah’s to be their bitches.

    Seriously, can you believe PokerNews paid Bluff who paid the WSOP to do this work? It so should be the other way around. I think.

  4. DanM

    By the way, if Tom were to wear Julie’s nametag, he’d be in good company:

  5. Tim B.

    wow… you mean to tell me that poker journalism is like mainstream journalism? that is to say, it sucks? that its biased, values notoriety over newsworthiness, is generally clueless, and attempts to function more as an outlet for entertainment than information?? and here i was, sincerely expecting that coverage of a niche sport by a bunch of *bloggers* would have risen above the low-water-mark of more traditional forms of journalism to set a new standard of quality and competency!

    say it aint so.

  6. DanM

    Tim, please. Look right above your comment. That’s the (sultry) midriff flesh of Jennifer Fucking Tilly! I don’t see how we can get more real than that.

  7. Karridy

    Wow. Somebody just met their smart-ass quota for the entire week. Now I’m wondering how you will be able to communicate with others until Sunday?

    But seriously,.. Your point is well taken, and totally right, unfortunately. However, as I pointed out to Dan, you still have to put people’s feet to the fire, or try. I may not be able to vanquish Paris Hilton from the “breaking news” tickers, but I still have the right to call out what I see to be more of a process and management issue then a case of disregard. I honestly believe that at this point if you don’t know who Tom Schneider is, then you aren’t keeping up with your job, or you are too overworked to notice. Either way, it’s a personel and process issue, not the salad vs. steak scenario you referenced.

    The REAL *Bloggers* you mentioned honestly don’t have this problem and bring a knowledgable and unique perspective to print, which I say puts poker reporting far above even the biggest non-“niche” sports in terms of reporting effectiveness and stick potential… When they are the ones doing the reporting.

  8. Tim B.


    if “sultry” is secret code for “often overflowing from fashions meant for people three decades younger” then i guess i agree 🙂

    im just saying that were it jimbob bumpkin from nutbutter, mississippi with two bracelets and the POY leader, we might not see much coverage of that HERE either. were tom not part of the site, odds are he would be getting much the same treatment from pokerati.

  9. DanM

    Right, but we’re not the ones counting chips. Not only are we pretty much prevented from doing that sort of coverage, but really, we don’t wanna do it. Because it’s hard work, not easy, and not fun. Kinda makes you miss Mike Paulle.

    The system PokerNews has in place for keeping a tally is better this year than last, though still far from perfect.

    One thing in the future that could help … all players carry bar-coded seat cards to their first table. If dealers could scan players in right to the database — and heck, even use bar-coded cards to handle seat changes — then it would be much easier to track the action, even if the “kids” doing the work didn’t know who they were updating at, say, Table 47, Seat 3.

  10. Karridy

    “Were tom not part of the site, odds are he would be getting much the same treatment from pokerati.”

    …I can agree with that. But you’re comparing bloggy apples to “official coverage provider” oranges. Even so, I’m thinking that the Pokerati team would be much more knowledgable and in tune if all things were equal. And our readers/commenters are smarter too.

  11. DanM

    Bar-coded seat cards … integrated into the official coverage provider’s database … that’s the solution.

    In the interim, perhaps the WSOP should consider partnering with a site like this to get the best coverage possible.

  12. Tim B.

    “yeah yeah d-d-definitely six hundred fifty seven thousand three hundred and seven chips. definitely six hundred fifty seven thousand three hundred and seven. yeah.”

  13. BJ Nemeth

    I think all of Karridy’s comments are completely fair, even if they are obviously biased. It *is* inexcusable to be missing Tom in any coverage of an event at this point. It is *extra* inexcusable because of the condition of the Player of the Year race.

    Ultimately, the root cause of this is that nobody at the WSOP seems to give a damn about the live updates. Harrah’s and Bluff just want to know that they exist, and that they’re better than Card Player’s updates from last year. They don’t yearn to “get it right,” or aim for lofty goals. Even PokerNews, which started out with lofty goals, seems to be on auto-pilot at this point, just trying to limp to the main event with the reporting staff in one piece.

    Live online touranment reporting is not rocket science, and it can be done much better. But it’s a very low priority for the movers and shakers at the WSOP. They care about “cool” things like live webcasts. Text over the internet seems so last century. (Actually, in my mind it has the feel of the early 20th century, when people would listen to baseball play-by-play on the radio.)

    I don’t have an answer for Karridy right now, because I’m not in a management position. If I read this thread during the event, I would have marched over and pointed Tom out to every PokerNews person in the area. But I was busy covering my own event until 4:00 am.

    I wish I had more to add. But I just wanted to say that Karridy is 100% correct in her criticism. And I can say that even though I am indirectly the object of her criticism.

  14. Karridy

    I loved your comment right up until the point you refered to me as a girl. BJ, you’ve gotta listen to Beyond The Table. 🙂 Check out my sexy girl voice. I have upgraded PN to A- based on your comment and the coverage I saw last night. Beers on me at the Kilt.

  15. Ed

    Yeah BJ, Karridy sounds like a 50 year old woman who has smoked way too much. So I guess listening to him would not help in the confusion his name has brought upon you. 🙂


  16. Tim B.

    ill agree with everyone here who has said that the coverage SHOULD be better. and theres certainly nothing wrong with having the EXPECTATION that the coverage be better… but i do think, realisticly, that expectation is just a setup for disappointment. improvement is a process, not an event, and i think most would agree that the quality of coverage this year is an improvement over the year before, which was likewise an improvement over the year before that, et cetera et cetera et cetera…

  17. Karridy

    And I’ll admin my bias. *Group Hug*. Ed, quit cupping my ass.

  18. BJ Nemeth

    My bad, Karridy! The name ‘Karridy’ just strikes me as very feminine, and I get so confused by all of these bloggers who have different handles than their real names. (See? I used the word ‘handles.’ I come from the CB generation of Smokey & the Bandit, not bloggers.)

    That’s why I use the ever-so-creative blogger name of BJ Nemeth. Which, ironically, sounds feminine to some people.

  19. Ed

    Nothing wrong with BJ…or the name.

    Glad we can all get along now. When do we get naked and wrestle?!


  20. Sally

    Hey Karridy!
    Well I have been following these comments on Tom. (Do you think I had any choice being that I talk to Julie every day?) Anyway, I do think Tom deserves more credit than he has been given, especially if they post a picture of him, but am sure that will change now that he is officially Player of the Year! Yay Tom!!!! Now all we need is for Tom win the final event, bet they will recognize him then.
    Love your blog. Now if only we could hear that girlish voice on it. Guess we’ll just have to listen to the radio show.

  21. Aaron Hendrix

    I was unaware of these comments until someone mentioned them to me today. As the reporter who took the photo, labeled the caption, and created the text attached to it I want to say that I feel the comments by Mrs. Schneider are somewhat unfair. I don’t always label every person in the photograph and the specific reason I took that picture was to talk primarily about the poor World Series that Juanda (despite his 5 cashes) and Gavin Smith (despite his 2nd place finish) had experienced. I know who Tom Schneider is but his success at the World Series did not tie into what I was talking about there so I chose not to mention him.

    If you read the rest of the coverage for that day you will see that I reference Tom multiple times throughout the course of my coverage including the following:

    Wednesday, 04th of July 2007 07:01 PM
    (Aaron Hendrix reporting)

    John Juanda is the first player to top the 100K mark. Daniel Negreanu and Allen Cunningham both had 95K and two time bracelet winner (this year) Tom Schneider has 94K. This is shaping up to be very interesting but there is still a long way to go.

    Wednesday, 04th of July 2007 11:08 PM
    (Aaron Hendrix reporting)

    35 players left. They will be playing until 2 a.m. today so they probably will not get down to the final 7 (which is the final table and money). John Juanda is out after Tom Schneider kept beating him up and he was crippled. Schneider reraised Juanda’s raise twice, Juanda called both times and drew one, and both times Schneider stood pat. The first time his jack low was good and the second time he had a 9 that was good. Juanda pushed shortly after and was called by Howard Lederer with a 10 low that was good.

    I apologize if I offended anyone but I can’t possibly please everyone. I do the best I can at providing entertaining and in-depth coverage but people need to understand that we aren’t always going to be able to talk in-depth about every single player. Tom has received considerable coverage and attention from pokerpages.com — deservedly so — so as I stated at the beginning I think the comments labeling our reporting as inept or that we have not taken the time to get to know Tom or cover him are not correct.

    Please feel free to e-mail me at ajhendrix@hotmail.com (I post my e-mail address daily on any event I cover) if you’d like to discuss this. I really do try and do the best job I can and there might be times I make mistakes so please if you have a problem, just send me a note and I’ll do what I can to resolve it.