BTT: Card-Dead

by , Sep 28, 2007 | 10:32 am

The latest episode of Beyond the Table is up. Click to listen. In this week’s festive podcast, you’ll hear:

  • Dan misses a meeting … too many responsibilities.
  • Karridy on the Mathematics of PokerBowl.
  • Update on the Karridy vs. Big Robert music video challenge.
  • Tom heads out to the California State Poker Championship.
  • The resurgent popularity of douchebags?
  • Dan runnin’ bad and old men rollin’ bad in Oklahoma.
  • BTT improvements.
  • Who is Annette_15 and why wasn’t the WSOP Player of the Year at WSOP-Europe?

And if you missed it last week, click here for the Tom Schneider episode of Ante Up! Lots of real content on this show — too much to list, but you will delight in a German guy’s inquiring about Tom’s fondness for the Hammer and the most fascinating recount of a 7-stud Hi-Lo hand I’ve ever heard.

4 Comments to “BTT: Card-Dead”

  1. Karridy

    Yes, the Stud hand was pretty amazing. If any of you continue to wonder what is the difference between guys like You and the mentally gifted Ungars, Cloutiers, (and Schneiders?) of the world, check out the second half of that episode. You *will* feel like an amateur.

  2. DanM

    I just couldn’t believe I actually found the hand-talk interesting, and could visualize the action each street of the way. Kudos to Chris Cosenza (or was it Scott Long) for his skill in walking you through a hand. In fact, it has inspired me to make every comment on the next episode of BTT start with hole cards.

  3. Short-Stacked Shamus

    Funniest BTT opening ever. (And there have been a lot of good ones.)

  4. California Jen

    That was a good opening to the show.

    I’m requesting again that pissed-off Julie should be a part of every show. 🙂

    Karridy, what happened to your tape of the drunk guy? I’m guessing it didn’t translate well from the audio tape.