2 + 2 = 7

by , Oct 1, 2007 | 1:31 am

A question I often get from Sang tight-passive amateurs looking to add a little oomph to their game is: “So is that a good hand to bluff with?” Well, gee, I dunno. It depends on so many other things …

While I know what those other things are and presumably you do, too, I haven’t been able to give any structured deductive reasoning on how to evaluate the specific situation. But now I can:

This comes from ScientificBlogging, a site that may or may not have ever heard of Bill Chen. (via Poker Shrink.) In case your math is rusty, here’s an explanation:

Simple enough, no? I do think, however, there is one variable that this equation doesn’t consider, and that is “time.” There are situations that indeed arise mathematically, but you have a limited amount of pause before the chips you push forward begin to lose value.

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  1. Uncle Ray

    And if you believe that, all you sports bettors call my 900 number and I’ll sell you my NFL 5-star game of the year…every week!!