WSOP Leftovers: Color Blinds

by , Oct 2, 2007 | 11:36 pm

Have been enjoying the new episodes of the WSOP on ESPN. Brings back the memories … and while tourney officials this year were extra careful about coloring up chips when they got into the big money in the main event, they didn’t make it easy on themselves. When selecting colors for chip denominations, they apparently did so with an old box of Crayolas, choosing off-orange (5k), flesh (25k), and semi-pale pink (50k) to all be on the table at the same time:


Tourney Director’s Tip: For the sake of players, dealers, floor staff, and chip counters … limit the total number of chip colors in play at any one time to four (4), and make sure they come from at least three (3) different regions of the rainbow.

4 Comments to “WSOP Leftovers: Color Blinds”

  1. California Jen

    Even the WSOP commentators keep noting that the chip colors are too similar. Must change for next year!

  2. Venita

    “Have been enjoying the new episodes of the WSOP on ESPN.”

    They’re finally starting to get a little interesting. For awhile there last night I was starting to think Kenny Tran was psychic . . .

  3. BJ Nemeth

    The too-similar chip colors is something that I honestly thought they were going to fix between Event #1 and Event #40 (well before the Main Event). It wasn’t as big an issue as the goofy new cards they used for a few hours, but I still think it was substantial. I had a conversation with Steve Garfinkle late in the Main Event (he finished 10th), and he said the chips were a serious issue for him — he couldn’t clearly gauge an opponent’s chip stack across the table.

    The Players’ Advisory Committee needs to get involved, and demand veto power over future chip colors.

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