Decorum is in the trash

by , Jun 28, 2008 | 5:29 pm

I’ve only been in Vegas for little more than five days and I’ve already seen more bad behavior than a table full of Hellmuths could muster in a 12-hour session.

There was the old European guy Max at the Golden Nugget Grand series who asked players at the table who was the “man” in the relationship between two women among the spectators who appeared to be lesbian. Max was also full of jokes. Sample: “Why don’t you buy a woman a watch? Because there’s a clock on the stove.” All this in the presence of a woman dealer, mind you.

Here at the Rio in the satellite room, my roommate Ted was accused of trying to see a crippled man’s cards as his assistant showed them to him. Although Ted insisted he wasn’t trying to look at the cards (and trust me, Ted wouldn’t), another man at the table kept insisting that Ted had done so. The two exchanged words to the point that security had to be called. (Ted threatening to kick the guy’s ass probably didn’t help defuse the situation.)

The latest situation was in a 1-2 NL game at Planet Hollywood. One player hit a nice gutshot on the river, making a board of 9-4-3-6-5, and won a big pot with a 7-8 against two players with sevens in their hand, including one with 5-7 who had turned a straight. “Ship it!” the winner exclaimed.

He got a talking to from one of the losers. “Win with class, man. Now I’m going to come after you with a five-two and I’m going to crack your aces and you’re not going to like that.”

Is it really that hard to act with class at a poker table? Or is acting like an ass part of the metagame? 



2 Comments to “Decorum is in the trash”

  1. Scott Chaffin

    Have you ever watched any poker on the teevee, Johnny?

  2. mike g

    I was hoping you would provide a juicy example of said poor poker decorum. Still waiting…