Non-Steroid Poker

Clemens babe and others (trying to) play today

by , Jun 8, 2008 | 5:25 pm

The ladies event brings out all sorts … supposedly one man entered, and one man left. Because the WSOP wasn’t gonna get themselves into anything resembling a civil rights and discriminatory mess, anyone who stood in line for Event #15 would be allowed to buy in. However, when only one man did this, Nolan Dalla went up to him and politely asked him not to play — refunded his buy-in as he obliged.

One lady who is supposedly playing: Mindy McCready. She’s the country singer-turned-Roger Clemens affairester. Can you imagine if she got seated with a dress-wearing Jose Canseco? Sorry that I don’t have a pic of her in action … but I have to admit, I’m less interested in Day 1 of the Ladies Event than usual. Perhaps it had something to do with a chat I had with Snake, or maybe it’s just because Pokerati fave Evil Omaha Sharron (NSFW) isn’t playing.

Regardless, Jen has pretty much successfully convinced me that non-open events should be non-bracelet events. Ladies, Seniors, Casino Employee’s … since anyone can’t win then they should not receive the same acclaim as those who take down a tourney where technically anyone can.

Of course the problem with this would be that if these events lost their prestige, then they would also lose their crowds, which are an important part of bringing newbies into the game. The solution: partner up with some other entity to make these special events the pinnacle of their season(s). Though I don’t really know much about the LIPS Tour, it seems a pretty big, legitimate deal. Why not bring in them (or some entity like them) to give some special championship prize that still makes the non-bracelet event exciting?

10 Comments to “Non-Steroid Poker ”

  1. California Jen

    A special prize? How about money and a poker title? If that’s not enough and they’re playing for make-up kits and makeovers, they should be playing a different game.

  2. DanM

    No I mean like make it the LIPS Championship or something. It’s the title. People like trophies, Jen.

  3. California Jen

    Ahhh, gotcha. A title or trophy is good. Sorry, I’m all riled up and emotional with all these women around me today.

  4. DanM

    Why do you think I’m not there?

  5. DanM

    And so we’re in semi-agreement? No way. Seriously, you convinced me yesterday that these really shouldn’t be bracelet events. I’m shocked, because usually I can dismiss that notion to cattiness.

  6. Evil Omaha Sharron

    Dan, I “WILL” be there next year and in the money and focusing on the bracelet so don’t let them take it away before the 2009 tournament!

    BTW… I’m sure taht the people who know me have seen eoungh of my girls *sigh* and do the people who don’t know me really care? So could ya change the link to a more appropriate picture… of course Steve thinks it is hilareous!

    Miss you!

  7. DanM

    You really want me to post the vadge shot?

    I suppose Jen’s point would have more credibility if one of us had actually played in the event before. But the bracelet itself really means that much to you — moreso than some special trophy and Women’s Champion title? Hmm … interesting.

  8. Evil Omaha Sharron

    Oh puleeze … hold back the vadge shot until I have my retaliation piece which you will provide to me when I get the bracelet by adorning your member with the shiny little trinket….. paybacks can be a bitch! 😉

  9. DanM

    OK, Sharron, I took your boobs offline. But just so you know — it’s setting a bad precedent!

    Ahh, I too sometimes miss the days when exposed breasts were just part and parcel of an enjoyable Sunday at the office.

  10. Evil Omaha Sharron

    I don’t mind the boob’S’ but that solo shot is not particularly flattering that is why I offered up a full frontal for such cases (excepting of course when I win the Ladies event!)when next we meet. I do still want the diamond adorned member picture!

    BTW we all miss the Sunday afternoons at Dan’s office not to mention the exposed breasts part *sigh*