Oh, and Tom Won Again

Fans go wild over 64th place finish in $1,500 limit event

by , Jun 8, 2008 | 6:14 pm

That’s two cashes so far for Schneider. This one paid a net $1,743. Congratulations-ish, Tom.. Nice to book another win, and this one should cover two or three of the many dozens of blinds you’ve defended poorly in the cash games! Don’t call it a comeback!

I ran into Angry Julie in the poker kitchen late last night shortly after Tom had busted out, and she was unusually happy. Giddy, I’d even say. She was buying herself a Krispy Kreme donut and Tom an ice cream using the $15 food voucher you get for playing in a WSOP event. Informed that she wouldn’t get back any change, she looked at the guy behind her in line and said, “How much is what he’s having? ($8) Great, his too!”

The dude was super-thankful, but before he could walk away with a smile, she stood there and wouldn’t let him leave until he tipped the cashier. “Not until you put at least a dollar in there,” she said, pointing to the tip basket in front of the register. I know what Tom would think if he saw this: “Leak.”

Meanwhile, Tom thinks Pokerati should be all over the continuing saga of the Donkey Bomber POY Banner. “My picture the only one without a light – rodney dangerfield,” said a text he sent to me yesterday. I checked, and it’s true — everyone else has a big beam accenting their mugs. But considering that I have to sit right below his banner and I don’t want any additional glare, I think we’ll stick to keeping you posted about his feats busting out of a tournament with only nine tables to go.

3 Comments to “Oh, and Tom Won Again ”

  1. Kevin Mathers

    Tom’s currently unofficial chip leader in the $2k O8, Matt Savage unofficially 2nd.

  2. Lisa

    So, when I mention that Tom’s poster is poorly lit, I get no comments from you, Dan. Tom mentions it, and it gets Pokerati coverage. Huh.

  3. DanM

    No, Tom sent me a text, which got me to write about how I wasn’t going to cover it. Uh-duh!