(Way) Outside the WSOP – (Main Event Day 2a)

by , Jul 8, 2008 | 8:28 am

Play resumes in the Main Event today at noon for the 1,250 survivors of days 1a and 1b, as they have another 5 levels of play today and tomorrow for the day 1c and 1d survivors. I’d post some mention of results of the Media tournament or the Casino Employees event, but all I know is that there were 930 entrants. I’m sure with the poker media now back to concentrate on the tournament action, there will be some updates.

I’d post the seat assignments by table, but I don’t know how much team Pokerati would like to have a post with 1,300 lines of text (or over 2,500 tomorrow). Personally, I’d like to know where they’re going to put all the players during day 2b, I saw tables with a T next to them, which would be a first.

Anyways, stick around for more updates from the rest of the fine folks at Pokerati during the day…

9 Comments to “(Way) Outside the WSOP – (Main Event Day 2a)”

  1. Uncle Ray

    I just wanted to say thanks, Kevin, for all the updates throughout the last several weeks. At 1700 miles away I’ve been able to feel a lot of the daily flavor of the circus you guys are part of.

    EVERYBODY’s posts have been great, but I wanted to specifically mention the daily updates. You must have worn out a couple of pairs of shoes wandering the room(s) all this time.

    So, tell the truth. Did you ever get out in the sunshine?

  2. Kevin Mathers

    I appreciate the kind words, butI’m even farther away from Vegas than you are (being on the East Coast).

    Dan asked me to write up some posts during the WSOP, and I just follow along with the updates over at Pokernews and throw in things from other places from time to time, and voila! updates. This helps allow Dan and Jen to cover all the really good things happening at the Series (like the Lipscomb interview).

  3. BJ Nemeth

    Kevin, you’ve been doing a kick-ass job. The work you’ve done this WSOP is further proof that the “mainstream” poker media still has so much more room to grow to do their jobs better. (That group includes me, by the way.)

  4. BJ Nemeth

    Oh, and there will be fewer players on Day 2b (2,378) than there were on Day 1d (2,461), so they should be able to use some variation of the same table assignments that they used on Sunday.

  5. Kevin Mathers

    True, but they were playing 10 handed on Sunday, and I don’t think they’re going that route tomorrow. If you look at the Day 1d list, there’s all sorts of DNR’s, and a few players with incorrect tables.

  6. BJ Nemeth

    According to the official report from Nolan, only about 30 tables were ten-handed on Day 1d: “This was the largest of the four Day One turnouts. While standard WSOP tables are played nine-handed, the bigger turnout resulted in approximately 30 tables being played ten-handed. However, these tables were reduced rather quickly, so no table played ten-handed more than an hour.”

    So as long as they have “approximately” 30 fewer players compared to Sunday (there are actually 83 fewer), they should still be able to use the same table setup. While there are a lot of DNRs (Players who “did not report” their chip counts), they are still included in the combined total of 2,378 players.

    Sure, there will be some chaos and confusion for some of the players, but I don’t think they’ll have trouble finding seats for everyone.

  7. Kevin Mathers

    Of course they were included, there was no disputing that. I know they have a rather difficult task getting everyone seated, and releasing it to the appropriate poker media and more importantly, the players. However, don’t you think they should release a list so people will know where they’ll be to reduce the chaos and confusion. Maybe they’ll release a finalized list later this evening instead of having 23 unknown tables.

  8. BJ Nemeth

    I agree with that 100%.

    There’s no reason Harrah’s couldn’t have posted a full list of players (with seating assignments) on Monday for Days 2a and 2b. Give the players plenty of time to scout their table opponents, and perhaps more importantly (from a chaos standpoint), know which part of the Rio they’ll actually be playing in.

  9. DanM

    Actually, Uncle Ray, Kevmath hacked into the site, and we were gonna call the cops, but figured we’d let him be for a little while. Likewise, he has helped all of us keep up with the overall picture.