Duplicate Poker Defunct

by , Oct 5, 2008 | 6:10 pm

Duplicate Poker, the site that offered a different take on traditional online poker, is no longer a working site.

Whether it was successful in its operations is questionable, but since its launch in 2006 and media blitz in 2007, Duplicate Poker attempted to be unique in its attempt to show that poker is a game of skill. It allowed players to compete against each other by playing the exact same hand on different tables, and whoever played it with the most success won. Though some in the poker community took to it, it never gained the momentum that the developers hoped. And now, it has folded, blaming its failure on the current financial crisis.

The message on the site is as follows:

Duplicate is sadly bidding farewell to its players. Caught in the middle of the global financial situation the company is not able to continue to provide service. We are a small victim of the global financial crisis.

Regretfully as of the today, October 5th, 2008 we are closing our service. We thank our players for being with us. Hopefully at later time and in a better economic climate Duplicate Poker will re-appear.

The Duplicate Poker Team

10 Comments to “Duplicate Poker Defunct”

  1. Kevin Mathers

    I hope I can get my 86 cents off the site…

  2. California Jen

    LOL – I think I might have something there, too.

  3. Ed

    I had $2-4 left…but that is ok. I put in $20 when Dan asked me to drop some on there for testing out the affiliate stuff. I played a bit thought it was stupid and was about to just try and lose it all when I won a around $65 in some tournament. Took most of it out and left a little in case I felt like going back. Went back once after they made some changes and still did not like it.

    One person that I know will be sorta happy is my friend Tim. He signed up…told them do not send me emails…did not put any money in the site…and has gotten tons of spam from them and 3rd party spammers. He had emails going to the special email acocunt he set up forwarded to any email address he found associated with duplicate poker and people involved with it. They denied selling his address so the only other thing we could think happened was their security was compromised (or they lied).

  4. edbucks

    Yea, I agree with fakeEd, I tried it and never liked it, too confusing. Plus, the concept of being able to play the same hands on different tables mean that somehow the outcome of those cards are already determined, not to mention the fact that if you are multi accounting, can you see both sides of the cards at the same time? And the people who run the site, can they see both sides at the same time? allowing them to NeoNeo, I’m sure that is possible. On a separate note, I hate people who bitch about spam. They actually take time to email the spammers…get a f**king life. Spams are part of life, like traffic, nobody wants it but you have to bear it. Just mark them to your junk folder. My spam folder has 2000 spams this week…who gives a flip.

  5. Max

    Bad for them. Their reason of closure sure sounds strange. Though I never played on Duplicate Poker that much, but I know people who were. Well, it didn’t affect so many players, as DP was not so popular, even though they had hit a milestone recently.

  6. dan m

    you may be right about spam, fake-fake ed, but there is a difference when a company promises to do one thing (or not do something) and they take an opposite course.

    – guy who spent sizable dollars to reduce his spam from 1k a day to 50

  7. www.codingthewheel.com

    DuplicatePoker was an interesting idea, but ultimately not one that was going to appeal to a lot of players. The idea itself is a little flawed, a little unnatural. What I’d like to see is a rake-free site (Dutch Boyd of PokerSpot fame/notoriety has talked about one) perhaps driven by ad revenue, offering real-money games with zero rake. I know there’ve been attempts but nothing seems to have stuck. Anyway, adios DuplicatePoker.

  8. Nemezis

    I had $1200.oo and I’m trying to find out
    if I ever going to get my money back.
    Does anybody know of a contact phone
    number, or ant other means to get in touch
    with this people?
    If so, please post a comment.

  9. DanM

    Wow, you played that much, Nem?

    They are/were a bona fide American company, so you probably have some recourse to pursue your dough. Especially if they’ve just shut down and not declared bankruptcy.

    That will be a real shame if they run off with players’ cash.

  10. tadowe

    It is a *PERFECT* concept, but carried out by conflating Bridge with Hold’em and by allowing players to know their relative standing after each hand. Instead of encouraging correct play in future hands, it promotes “all-in” efforts to recoup and get back in the “game.” Indeed, if forced betting failed on the next hand, it was almost impossible that the losers didn’t bastardize all remaining hands to try and get even, or just spiteful tilt.

    If the site, as recommended by myself among others, had changed the revelation of standing until after each round of hands (3-6, whatever,) instead of hand-to-hand, then they might have encouraged better play; rather than attempts to earn more chips, all at once.

    Good play was just not rewarded because of all the bad play that ruined any efforts to do so … and the management just couldn’t see it even when advised. That sort of purposeful ignorance deserves what it got.