Dutch Boyd Goes to War With PokerHost.com

by , Oct 12, 2008 | 9:10 pm

“Idiot thieves” he calls them. It seems that Dutch Boyd might be peeved.

The gist of the story, as I understand it, is that Dutch purchased PokerHost.net in 2004 when he considered developing it. When someone from PokerHost.com approached him this summer at the WSOP, he said that he would consider selling it and tried to correspond in the coming months about working out a deal. However, he got no response until he recently received a UDRP complaint from an attorney hired by PokerHost.com. (Did PokerHost.com not realize that Dutch is an attorney himself? Not the brightest move…)

Dutch has now turned PokerHost.net into a website about the case. Not only that, but he’s questioning the business practices of PokerHost.com:

Honestly this situation makes me so mad and I think it indicates what kind of outfit these guys are running at PokerHost.com. Doing a google search of “Poker Host ripoff” or “Poker Host fraud” reveals a long list of questionable business practices and outraged former users of the site. Every review I’ve seen of them is negative. And this demonstrates that they aren’t above stealing from poker players. With all the shit that’s been going on with Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker, and all the sites which have gone down with player deposits (yes I know… pot and kettle), I would be very weary of trusting this site.

Obviously, Dutch realizes who he’s preaching to and who’s in that choir. But it also seems that he may have a good case against these folks.

3 Comments to “Dutch Boyd Goes to War With PokerHost.com”

  1. Trey

    WOW that is some funny sh*t! Dutch calling someoen else a thief after he stole all that money from his poker site years ago? Pot, this is kettle. Kettle, this is pot, i belive you are both of the same color!

  2. Oh Okay

    Yeah…uh…well…nothing against good old Dutch but there’s still the small matter of $400,000 in outstanding player deposits from the PokerSpot debacle. Not a dime of which was ever paid back.

    Here’s the wiki:


    And here’s the interview with Dutch:


  3. Trey

    As they say in the good book… Karma is a Bitch!